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Shallcross, a new book of poems
by C.D. Wright

This collection, Shallcross, was completed before Ms. Wright's unthinkable death this January. The poems here find her thoroughly in control of her singular craft, her writing ever cogent, inventive, fiercely humane, and unabashedly tender. The sadness in reading this book comes from the inescapable knowledge… Read More

Used Books: March 26, 2016

A brand new batch of previously owned titles on offer! Feel free to call or write for details, or if you'd like anything held. Better yet—stop on by! Happy spring, everyone. * * * Edgar Allan Poe & the Juke-Box: Uncollected Poems, Drafts, and Fragments… Read More

Hippodrome by Miklavž Komelj

Publishing his first poetry collection at the age of seventeen, Miklavz Komelj has for twenty-five years permeated Slovenian literature, garnering several national awards in the process. His work is of such a caliber that the late poet and fellow Slovene Tomaz Salamun, in "a breathless… Read More

Used Books & Broadsides: February 24, 2016

We've purchased some more goodies for you to peruse! This lot's different than most, though, in that we don't often come by broadsides, especially so many printed so many decades ago (on such groovy paper). And we're jazzed to have them. Some are more recent… Read More

Used Books: February 11, 2016

Another small box for y'all. This represents an overflow of last week's post; some quite rare. Feel free to get in touch about condition or other specifics. We're glad to oblige! * * * Selected Poems by Yehuda Amichai ($5.50 pb; 1st printing; Penguin, 1971)… Read More

This & That

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Independent Bookstore Day
Saturday, April 30

Seventeen independent bookstores around the Seattle area have come together to celebrate our common uncommonness. The stores will offer distinct events, give-aways (a letterset stock certificate with each purchase at Open Books, for instance), and/or snacks, so each will be its own show. However, you can pick up a map of the region with the stores’… Read More

Open Books: A Poem Emporium,
the twenty-first anniversary!

On April 28th, 2016, Open Books: A Poem Emporium will turn twenty-one years old. Seems like a monumental age, doesn’t it? For most of us that particular birthday is a distant memory. There is a symbolic stature that comes with surviving twenty-one years, a nascent maturity, but there’s also a hell of a lot of learning and future to come…. Read More

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