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December News

We’re writing this letter late in the day on the Saturday before the Saturday before our winter close. There’s a light flurry of snow falling outside. It’s warm in here and every once in a while a customer waves goodbye and heads back outside holding a newly bought present wrapped in gold paper. As the… Read more »

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Some of the Goods

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Used Books: December 19, 2016

Greetings! Yes, it's only been a couple of weeks since our last used books post, but year's end nears (shockingly close), and a veritable bevy of potential poetry presents may be just what you need, either as respite from the season's scramble or as the… Read More

Used Books: December 8, 2016

The call has been answered! A marvelous stock of used books is proffered you below. A fair number are rarities, but a larger measure is of the more affordable ilk. And all exciting! So venture forth boldly. And please call or write with questions or… Read More

Used Books: October 13, 2016

Hello, all! We'd like to say first that we're overjoyed to be posting used books again and excited for you to peruse the substantial list of new offerings. Second, scouting for used books out in the wild or from amongst whatever you might have to… Read More

The Orchard Green and Every Color by Zach Savich

Zach Savich treats life like a walk in the park—the literal sort. Perspective is paramount. Midsummer pleasantries awaiting him at the end of his block are elevated to ecstatic atoms of a fully embodied present, but handled so deftly, there's no bombast to be found.… Read More

The Hermit by Lucy Ives

It might be that I am drawn to the subversion of traceable narrative, or to fractured consciousness, or simply to assembled chunks of quirky information and imagery, but The Hermit is my kind of book. Eighty numbered entries comprise a poet's bedazzled journal—of the gifted… Read More

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