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Used Books: October 9, 2015

Dear readers, We bring you one half of what might be most accurately described as the mother lode of used poetry books. Yes, one half. Below you will encounter the more modestly priced items we've just shelved, with dates, when of interest, along with certain… Read More

Last of This Lot

Fine folks, we have arrived at the end of a quite large collection of used titles acquired some months ago, from which most of our previous updates were drawn. It feels good to get it all out. So until another kind soul breezes by with… Read More

Past Decades in Poetry

From the overstock shelves of Open Books's back room, we bring you 300+ issues of Poetry magazine spanning approximately forty years of its run, beginning with 1960 and ending with 2001. Each mag will cost you a mere half-dollar (that is, 50¢ a piece, as many… Read More

This & That

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It took us 20 years to do it, but by gum we’ve got ’em now! They are available for sale at $14 for sizes medium through XL; $15 for XXL; and $16 for XXXL. If you are one of our Gross Customers (that is, you’ve bought a dozen dozens), you have a free one waiting… Read more »

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Newly Received Books:
Rick Barot and Priscilla Long

Crossing Over by Priscilla Long ($17.95 U. New Mexico) Crossing Over is a collection of intelligent and deeply felt poems, often featuring the bridge as metaphor and as fact. Ms. Long, a Seattle-ite, has a background in natural science and Northwest history, both of which ground her poetry. The book has at its core Ms…. Read More

Juan Felipe Herrera: U.S. Poet Laureate

A short while ago it was announced that Juan Felipe Herrera is the current U. S. Poet Laureate. Those of you who were in attendance when he came to Seattle for the Seattle Arts & Lectures Poetry Series a year ago this month, and likely if you have seen him anytime, know that he is a… Read more »

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