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Archeophonics by Peter Gizzi

In his sixth full-length collection—a 2016 National Book Award finalist—Gizzi tends the anarchic gardens of American lyricism with mature charm. He is nimbly in control, restrained, meticulously sculpting, stirring up an enchanting bouquet as he threads legato lineation and contrapuntal melodies of high and low… Read More

Phrasis by Wendy Xu

Taking as her material the phrase, rather than the sentence, Xu moves in her second collection from thought to thought in ways that often feel mysterious, practically magical, outside grammar’s expected bounds. This is a collection I find exhilarating for how it perplexes me. How… Read More

I Am Flying into Myself: Selected Poems, 1960–2014 by Bill Knott

This brand-new, posthumously published selection from Bill Knott’s oeuvre—edited by a longtime friend, the late Thomas Lux—revivifies a half-century of dedication to the craft. Knott was a wild-eyed surrealist, a mussed-up romantic, a part-time minimalist, a learned formalist, a straight-faced comedian, a self-effacing provocateur, and… Read More

Recombinant by Ching-In Chen

This ambitious, formally inventive, and unsettling collection dares diagram ghosts. Chen uses the spacious 8 x 10 page to take the eye for a journey that mirrors—in all its palpable silences, silencings, and cells—the histories of racialized violence and human commodification at the book’s thematic… Read More

In the Language of My Captor by Shane McCrae

The fifth exquisite collection of autobiographical, historical, and verisimilar narratives from a premier poetic mind. In the Language of My Captor is a suite of poems of freedom, ownership, identity, and fear, interlocked. McCrae is creator and curator, maestro of the subtle coherence of several vantages and… Read More

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