You Ask Me To Talk About the Interior by Carolina Ebeid

$15.00 Noemi Press

You Ask Me To Talk About The Interior book coverCarolina Ebeid’s debut collection You Ask Me To Talk About the Interior lifts up sorrow and turns it—gently, gorgeously, unceasingly—before the light of her gaze. Paradoxical and true to life, these poems sprawl to encompass more distance the deeper inward they retreat. The interior, for Ebeid’s speaker, appears to be everything—drowned dogs, Paul Celan, autism—that swirls around and among herself and those she holds dear. “Echolalia sounds more like a concert flute,” Ebeid writes in her long, sectioned poem “Veronicas of a Matador.” “Lackofempathy could be a fern.” I am astounded by the tension Ebeid is able to maintain between inside and outside; her language is simultaneously one with the world and far, far from it.