Used Books: October 2019

What the Worms Ignore the Birds Are Wild About by Howard Aaron ($9.50 chap, handsewn, 1/400, Jawbone, 1979)

The Man Who Loves Salmon by Sherman Alexie ($35 chap, inscribed, handsewn & letterpress printed in two colors, 1/750 copies, Limberlost, 1998)

Houseboat Days by John Ashbery ($14.50 pb, FSG, 1999)

Auden & Isherwood: The Berlin Years by Norman Page ($8.50 pb, first thus, St. Martin’s, 2000)

Working in the Dark: Reflections of a Poet of the Barrio by Jimmy Santiago Baca ($9.50 pb, Red Crane/Museum of New Mexico, 1992)

The Narrow Road to the Deep North & Other Travel Sketches by Matsuo Bashō, translated with introduction by Nobuyuki Yuasa ($5.50 pb, Penguin, 1977)

The Narrow Road to Oku by Matsuo Bashō, translated by Donald Keene with illustrations by Miyata Masayuki ($12.50 pb, Kodansha, 1996)

The Book of the Dead Man by Marvin Bell ($12.50 hc, inscribed first, Copper Canyon, 1994)

Beowulf: A New Verse Translation by Seamus Heaney ($12.50 hc, FSG, 2000)

Sayings & Doings by Wendell Berry ($15 hc, Gnomon, 1975)

Standing by Words: Essays by Wendell Berry ($10 pb, North Point, 1983)

A Timbered Choir: The Sabbath Poems 1979–1997 by Wendell Berry ($22 hc, inscribed, Counterpoint, 1998)

Window Poems by Wendell Berry, with wood engravings by Wesley Bates ($14.50 hc, first thus, Shoemaker & Hoard, 2007)

Delusions, Etc. by John Berryman ($20 hc, first, review copy w/ slip laid in, water damage & cup ring stain to back d.j., a few short tears & foxing to d.j. extremities, clean interior, FSG, 1972)

Love & Fame by John Berryman ($20 hc, first, review copy w/ slip laid in, slight tears to top edge of back d.j., clean interior, FSG, 1970)

Short Poems by John Berryman ($15 hc, first, FSG, 1967)

Songs of Innocence & Experience by William Blake ($12.50 hc, first thus, Orion/Trianon, 1967)

Days We Would Rather Know by Michael Blumenthal ($11.50 pb, signed first, Penguin, 1984)

Laps by Michael Blumenthal ($6.50 pb, University of Massachusetts, 1984)

The Chain Saw Dance by David Budbill ($8.50 pb, Countryman, [5th printing] 1983)

A Pillow Book by Suzanne Buffam ($11.50 pb, now out of print, Canarium, 2016)

To Frighten a Storm by Gladys Cardiff ($7.50 pb, 1/1000 copies, Copper Canyon, 1976)

For You by Hayden Carruth ($6.50 pb, New Directions, 1970)

The Sleeping Beauty by Hayden Carruth ($6.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1990)

Plainwater: Essays & Poetry by Anne Carson ($30 hc, first, sunning to spine, slight bumps to edges, clean interior, Knopf, 1995)

Fires: Essays, Poems, Stories by Raymond Carver ($6.50 pb, Vintage, 1989)

No Heroics, Please: Uncollected Writings by Raymond Carver, edited by William L. Stull ($9.50 pb, Vintage, 1992)

X by Dan Chelotti ($9.50 hc, McSweeney’s, 2013)

The Totality for Kids by Joshua Clover ($12.50 pb, first, California, 2006)

Where Shadows Will: Selected Poems 1988–2008 by Norma Cole ($7.50 pb, City Lights, 2009)

Shadow/Orphan Shadow | Sombra/Sombra huérfana by Craig Czury, also appearing in Castellano by Rosann DeCandido Kamin & Alicia Partnoy ($5.50 chap, bilingual, Pine Press, 1997)

Black Hope by Marsha de la O ($6.50 pb, New Issues, 1997)

Natural Birth by Toi Derricotte ($9.50 pb, first, ex-lib, The Crossing Press, 1983)

The Tree of Idleness by Lawrence Durrell ($13.50 hc, Faber, [2nd printing] 1961)

Tarantula by Bob Dylan ($30 hc, first, several tears to d.j., clean interior, Macmillan, 1971)

T. S. Eliot: The Complete Poems & Plays, 1909–1950 ($14.50 hc, Harcourt, Brace & World, 1962)

The Jointure by Clayton Eshleman ($11.50 pb, first, BlazeVox, 2012)

The Residual Years, Poems 1934–1948: Volume I of the Collected Poems by William Everson [Brother Antoninus] ($9.50 pb, first, Black Sparrow, 1997)

The Integral Years, Poems 1966–1994: Volume III of the Collected Poems by William Everson [Brother Antoninus] ($12.50 pb, first, Black Sparrow, 2000)

A Poet’s Craft: A Comprehensive Guide to Making & Sharing Your Poetry by Annie Finch ($20 pb, University of Michigan, 2012)

Sensual Math by Alice Fulton ($18.50 hc, inscribed first, Norton, 1995)

Portable Kisses: Love Poems by Tess Gallagher ($6.50 pb, inscribed, staining to bottom of cover, Capra, 1992)

Chartres & Prose Poems by Jean Garrigue with photographs by Henri Le Secq ($8.50 pb, Eakins, 1970)

Studies for an Actress & Other Poems by Jean Garrigue ($15 hc, first; a few notes to second poem, otherwise clean; includes photo of author, invitation to attend author’s memorial service, program from memorial reading & page from author’s appearance in New Yorker; Macmillan, 1973)

The Panther & the Lash: Poems of Our Times by Langston Hughes ($35 hc, first, tight & clean, d.j. has medium-sized triangular tear at front bottom & chipping & a few short tears along top edge, Borzoi/Knopf, 1967)

Gilgamesh Retold: A Response to the Ancient Epic by Jenny Lewis ($8.50 pb, Carcanet, 2018)

Guinea Woman: New & Selected Poems by Lorna Goodison ($23.50 pb, inscribed first, Carcanet, 2000)

Selected Poems by W. S. Graham ($10.50 pb, Ecco, 1980)

The Work of a Common Woman: The Collected Poetry of Judy Grahn, 1964–1977 ($6.50 pb, St. Martin’s, 1978)

All of It Singing: New & Selected Poems by Linda Gregg ($13.50 hc, first, Graywolf, 2008)

Songs of Love, Poems of Sadness: The Erotic Verse of the Sixth Dalai Lama [Tsangyang Gyatso] translated from the Tibetan, with an introductory essay & notes for appreciation by Paul Williams ($25 hc, bilingual, I.B. Tauris, 2004)

animae by Sam Hamill ($12.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1980)

At Home in the World: Essays by Sam Hamill ($9.50 pb, first, Jawbone, 1981)

The Calling Across Forever by Sam Hamill ($15 pb, Copper Canyon, 1976)

The Calling Across Forever by Sam Hamill ($22.50 pb, inscribed, Copper Canyon, 1976)

Fatal Pleasure by Sam Hamill ($7.50 pb, Breitenbush, 1984)

A Pisan Canto by Sam Hamill ($10 pb, signed, Floating Bridge, 2004)

Reading Seferis: A Poem by Sam Hamill ($45 chap, signed, handsewn & letterpress, 1/200 copies, Copper Canyon, 1979)

Triada by Sam Hamill ($9.50 pb, chipping to front wraps, otherwise clean & tight, Copper Canyon, 1978)

Triada by Sam Hamill ($20 pb, inscribed, very good, Copper Canyon, 1978)

What Light Can Do: Essays on Art, Imagination, and the Natural World by Robert Hass ($14.50 hc, first, Ecco, 2012)

Selected Poems by Robert Hayden ($135 pb, first, inscribed to Beth & Nelson Bentley, October House, 1966)

Given Sugar, Given Salt by Jane Hirshfield ($11.50 pb, inscribed, Harper, 2002) 

Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry by Jane Hirshfield ($15 pb, signed, Harper, 1997)

Sweet Ruin by Tony Hoagland ($9.50 pb, first, Wisconsin, 1992)

If You Were Here I Would Have Hands by Gary Holthaus ($20 pb, handsewn & letterpress, signed, Brooding Heron, 1999)

Unexpected Manna by Gary H. Holthaus, with an introduction by Gary Snyder ($15 pb, 1/1000 copies, Copper Canyon, 1978)

Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes ($9.50 hc, FSG, 1998)

Crow: From the Life & Songs of the Crow by Ted Hughes ($13.50 hc, Faber, 1970)

Crow: From the Life & Songs of the Crow by Ted Hughes ($7.50 pb, Harper & Row, 1971)

Gaudette by Ted Hughes ($12.50 hc, first US ed., Harper & Row, 1977)

The Hawk in the Rain by Ted Hughes ($5.50 pb, first thus, Faber, 1968)

Lupercal by Ted Hughes ($4.50 pb, Faber, [2nd ed., 6th printing] 1985)

Moon-Whales & Other Moon Poems by Ted Hughes, drawings by Leonard Baskin ($9.50 hc, first, Viking, 1976)

Emily Dickinson in Southern California by X. J. Kennedy ($5 hc, David R. Godine, 1973)

The Boat of Quiet Hours by Jane Kenyon ($8.50 pb, first, Graywolf, 1986)

Jane Kenyon: Collected Poems ($14.50 hc, first, Graywolf, 2005)

Mermaids in the Basement: Poems for Women by Carolyn Kizer ($15 hc, inscribed first, Copper Canyon, 1984)

A Calendar of Airs by August Kleinzahler ($30 pb, first, Coach House, 1978)

Not Such a Bad Place to Be by William Kloefkorn ($15 pb, Copper Canyon, 1980)

Covenants by David Lee & William Kloefkorn ($9.95 pb, Spoon River, 1996)

The Less Deceived by Philip Larkin ($90 pb, first, very good, Marvell, 1955)

Driving & Drinking: A Poem by David Lee ($12.50 pb, signed, Copper Canyon, 1982)

The Fish by David Lee ($7.50 chap, inscribed, #306 of 310, Wood Works, 1997)

The Fish by David Lee ($5 chap, Wood Works, [2nd printing] 1998)

Incident at Thompson Slough by David Lee ($9 chap, signed, letterpress postcard of an excerpt from the poem laid in, #465 of 506, Wood Works, 2002)

Incident at Thompson Slough by David Lee ($6.50 chap, #461 of 506, Wood Works, 2002)

The Porcine Legacy by David Lee, with drawings by Dana Wylder ($12.50 pb, inscribed, Copper Canyon, 1978)

The Porcine Legacy by David Lee, with drawings by Dana Wylder ($8.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1978)

Shadow Weaver by David Lee ($25 chap, inscribed, Brooding Heron, 1984)

So Quietly the Earth by David Lee ($9.50 pb, signed, Copper Canyon, 2004)

Wayburne Pig by David Lee ($30 chap, handsewn & letterpress printed by Stern & Faye, 1/300 copies, slight crease to top left back corner flap, otherwise very good, Brooding Heron, 1997)

The Freeing of the Dust by Denise Levertov ($6.50 pb, New Directions, 1975)

O Taste & See by Denise Levertov ($7.50 pb, New Directions, 1964)

The Names of the Lost by Philip Levine ($13.50 pb, Atheneum, [3rd printing] 1981)

Endless River: Li Po & Tu Fu: A Friendship in Poetry translated by Sam Hamill ($7.50 pb, Shambhala, 1993)

Lin He-Jing’s Art of Poetry translated with introduction & notes by Paul Hansen ($30 chap, letterpress, signed, #203 of 300, Wood Works, 1997)

History by Robert Lowell ($10 hc, first, FSG, 1973)

Eva-Mary by Linda McCarriston ($8.50 pb, inscribed, TriQuarterly, [2nd printing] 1995)

Little River: New & Selected Poems by Linda McCarriston ($15 pb, inscribed, Salmon, 2000)

Talking Soft Dutch by Linda McCarriston ($12.50 hc, signed first, Texas Tech, 1984)

Blue Mouth by J. W. Marshall ($12.50 chap, inscribed, #366 of 475, Wood Works, 2001)

That Kind of Danger by Donna Masini ($7.50 pb, Beacon, 1994)

Apocrypha by Melinda Mueller ($12.50 pb, letterpress, 1/300 copies, Grey Spider, 1998)

What the Ice Gets: Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition, 1914–1916: A Poem by Melinda Mueller ($11.50 pb, OP, first, Van West, 2000)

Toward the Splendid City / Hacia la ciudad espléndida [The Nobel Lecture] by Pablo Neruda ($15 hc, bilingual, first, FSG, 1974)

Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada by Pablo Neruda ($5.50 pb, Spanish language edition, Editorial Andrés Bello, 2001)

Songs of the Pine-Wife by Sheila Nickerson ($9.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1980)

Thread by Michael Palmer ($7.50 pb, New Directions, 2011)

Kenneth Patchen: A Centennial Selection edited & introduced by Jonathan Clark ($20 pb, w/ 16 full-color reproductions, Kelly’s Cove, 2011)

The Love Poems of Kenneth Patchen ($7.50 pb, City Lights, [8th printing] 1967)

The Buffalo Sequence by Mark Pawlak, with an introduction by Denise Levertov ($8.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1977)

Finding True North & Critter by W. M. Ransom ($6.50 pb, some water damage to top right corner thru ⅓ of book, otherwise clean, Copper Canyon, 1973)

A Change of World by Adrienne [Cecile] Rich ($175 hc, inscribed first, no d.j., sunned spine w/ small tear at top, two small stains to back boards, clean interior, Yale, 1951)

Duino Elegies by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by J. B. Leishman & Stephen Spender ($30 hc, first US edition, bilingual, good+ w/ good d.j., clean throughout, Norton, 1939)

Straw for the Fire: From the Notebooks of Theodore Roethke 1943–63 selected & arranged by David Wagoner ($7.50 pb, first thus, Anchor, 1974)

Eating Bread & Honey by Pattiann Rogers ($9.50 pb, Milkweed, 1997)

Firekeeper: New & Selected Poems by Pattiann Rogers ($12.50 pb, inscribed first, Milkweed, 1994)

Geocentric by Pattiann Rogers ($16.50 pb, inscribed first, Gibbs Smith, 1993)

Communion: Poems 1976–1998 by Primus St. John ($12.50 pb, inscribed first, Copper Canyon, 1999)

The Music We Dance To by Rebecca Seiferle ($8.50 pb, inscribed, Sheep Meadow, 1999)

My Brother’s Book by Maurice Sendak ($10 hc, first, Harper, 2013)

Ballads of a Cheechako by Robert Service ($20 pb, dated gift inscription [“Easter day March 31, 1918”], otherwise clean, Barse & Hopkins, 1909)

Autumn in the Alaska Range by Tom Sexton ($9.50 pb, inscribed, Salmon, 2000)

A Blossom of Snow by Tom Sexton ($27.50 chap, signed, handbound letterpress, 1/250 copies, Mad River, 1995)

Modern & Normal by Karen Solie ($9.50 pb, Brick, 2005)

A Gypsy’s History of the World by Kim Robert Stafford ($9.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1976)

Crib Death by Frank Stanford ($250 pb, first, very good, Ironwood, 1978)

The Singing Knives by Frank Stanford ($325 pb, first edition of poet’s first book, sunning to spine & along front & back top edges of cover, very good, originally consigned to local bookstore w/ date of acceptance (10-31-72) & original price ($2) still penciled in on ffep], Mill Mountain, 1971/72)

Bread without Sugar by Gerald Stern ($15 hc, first, letter from publisher to Robert Hass laid in, Norton, 1992)

Leaving Another Kingdom: Selected Poems by Gerald Stern ($8.50 pb, first, Harper, 1990)

Lovesick by Gerald Stern ($7.50 pb, first, Harper, 1987)

Paradise Poems by Gerald Stern ($8.50 pb, first thus, Vintage, 1984)

The Cradle of the Real Life by Jean Valentine ($7.50 pb, first, Wesleyan, 2000)

The Forces of Plenty by Ellen Bryant Voigt ($9.50 pb, Norton, 1983)

The Lotus Flowers by Ellen Bryant Voigt ($8.50 pb, Norton, 1987)

Collected Poems, 19561976 by David Wagoner ($16.50 hc, inscribed, Indiana, 1976)

The Antilles: Fragments of Epic Memory [The Nobel Lecture] by Derek Walcott ($7.50 hc, first, FSG, 1993)

The Arkansas Testament by Derek Walcott ($15 pb, first, Noonday/FSG, 1987)

Highway Suite by Emily Warn ($20 pb, 1/300, Limberlost, 1988)

Decompressions: Selected Poems by Philip Whalen ($7.50 pb, Grey Fox, 1978)

Fire in the Earth by David Whyte ($8.50 pb, first, Many Rivers, 1992)

Songs for Coming Home by David Whyte ($8.50 pb, Many Rivers, 1989)

Where Many Rivers Meet by David Whyte ($8.50 pb, Many Rivers, 1990)

Leaves of Grass (Comprising All the Poems Written […] Following the Arrangement of the Edition of 1891-‘2) by Walt Whitman, with woodcuts by Valenti Angelo ($14.50 hc, very good w/ good d.j., Modern Library, c. 1945)

Thinking the World Visible by Valerie Wohlfeld ($8.50 pb, first, Yale, 1994)

One with Others [a little book of her days] by C. D. Wright ($18.50 hc, first, Copper Canyon, 2010)

Earlier Poems by Franz Wright ($14.50 hc, first, Knopf, 2007)

Yeats at Work [Abridged] by Curtis B. Bradford ($8.50 pb, Ecco, 1978)

* * *

Eight Northwest Poets ($180 set of pamphlets in hand-labeled envelope, Portland Art Museum, 1959; [“A series of eight matched portfolios published by the Portland Art Museum for the Northwest Poetry Meeting on July 9–12, 1959 and held in connection with an art exhibit the following week. Each pamphlet paired a poet with a painter or sculptor (many of whom were important Northwest artists) who provided a cover image for each pamphlet.” —copy from Between the Covers-Rare Books, Inc.]; featuring William Stafford (& Sally Haley); Richard Hugo (& Louise Bunce); Carolyn Kizer (& Hilda Morris); John Haislip (& Margaret Tompkins); Carol Hall (& James McGarrell); Kenneth O. Hanson (& Milton Wilson); Robert Huff (& Tony Mellara); David Wagoner (& William Ivey); especially notable are Stafford’s poems, which precede publication of his first book, as well as the fact that 1959 was the year Poetry Northwest was founded, with Kizer, Hugo & Nelson Bentley (to whom these pamphlets originally belonged) as co-editors

First Impressions: set of 21 broadsides designed & printed in the letterpress workshop 1979 Poetry Symposium, including poems by Denise Levertov, Robert Bly, Sam Hamill, Robert Hass, Maxine Kumin, Nelson Bentley, and many others (Copper Canyon, 1979)

9 Northwest Poets: set of 13 broadsides by David Wagoner, William Stafford, Beth Bentley, Sonia Gernes, Sherry Rind, Laura Jensen, R.P. Jones, Jim Mitsui & John Davies ($50, edited by Stephen Jaech & Michael Spilker, with illustrations by Don Baker, Stanzapress, c. 1984)

* * *

Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work (1888–2006) including Robert Browning, James Weldon Johnson, Carl Sandburg, H.D., Dorothy Parker, Stanley Kunitz, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Hayden, Muriel Rukeyser, John Berryman, Gwendolyn Brooks, Denise Levertov, Etheridge Knight, Vijay Seshadri, Suji Kwock Kim, Kevin Young, and many others ($27.50 four-CD box set in slipcase, w/index & essay book)

The Blaze of Distance: A Book of Poems & Interviews: Helen Adams, Robert Hass, Barry Lopez ($12.50 pb, ex-lib [officially withdrawn], title page stained & slightly sticker-marred, otherwise clean, Oregon Coast Council for the Arts, 1979)

The New American Poetry, 1945–1960 edited by Donald Allen [With a new afterword] ($15 pb, California, 1999)

Ca Dao Việt Nam: Vietnamese Folk Poetry translated by John Balaban ($7.50 pb, bilingual, Copper Canyon, 2003)

Modern European Poetry [French/German/Greek/Italian/Russian/Spanish] edited by Willis Barnstone, Patricia Terry, Arthur S. Wensinger, Kimon Friar, Sonia Raiziss & Alfredo de Palchi, George Reavey & Angel Flores ($5 pb, Bantam, [6th printing] 1978)

The New Oxford Book of English Verse, 1250–1950 chosen & edited by Helen Gardner ($10 hc, Oxford, [4th printing] 1978)

Hands, Joining: A Calligraphic Anthology edited by Samuel Green, containing poems by Lew Welch, Philip Whalen, Gary Snyder, Clifford Burke, Keith Abbott, Tim McNulty, David Romtvedt, Samuel Green, Paul Hansen & Robert Sund, with woodcuts by Michael Corr ($65 chap, handsewn & letterpress, 1 of 284 [of 315], Brooding Heron, 1988)

Poetry: A Longman Pocket Anthology [Second Edition] edited by R. S. Gwynn ($10 pb, Longman, 1998)

Claims for Poetry edited by Donald Hall ($12.50 pb, University of Michigan, 1982)

Midnight Flute: Chinese Poems of Love & Longing translated by Sam Hamill ($7.50 pb, first, Shambhala, 1994)

Only Companion: Japanese Poems of Love & Longing [Revised & Expanded] translated by Sam Hamill ($7.50 pb, Shambhala, 1997)

The Ink Dark Moon: Love Poems by Ono no Komachi & Izumi Shikibu, Women of the Ancient Court of Japan translated by Jane Hirshfield with Mariko Aratani ($15 pb, first thus, inscribed by Hirshfield, Vintage, 1990)

The Moonlit Pond: Korean Classical Poems in Chinese translated & introduced by Sung-Il Lee ($8.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1998)

The Stuffed Owl: An Anthology of Bad Verse edited by D. B. Wyndham Lewis & Charles Lee ($7.50 pb, New York Review Books, 2003)

Shisendo: Hall of the Poetry Immortals by J. Thomas Rimer, Jonathan Chaves, Stephen Addiss & Hiroyuki Suzuki ($14.50 pb, Weatherhill, 1991)

From the Country of Eight Islands: An Anthology of Japanese Poetry translated & edited by Hiroaki Sato & Burton Watson ($21.50 pb, Columbia, 1981)

Durable Breath: Contemporary Native American Poetry edited by John E. Smelcer & D. L. Birchfield ($10 pb, Salmon Run, 1994)