Used Books: July 2019

Poetry & Criticism of Matthew Arnold [Riverside Edition] edited by A. Dwight Culler ($5 pb, occasional notes & underling, Houghton Mifflin, 1961)

The English Auden: Poems, Essays & Dramatic Writings, 1927–1939 by W. H. Auden ($10 pb, Faber, 1988)

Collected Shorter Poems by Nelson Bentley ($11.50 pb, Bellowing Ark, 1988)

Actual Air by David Berman ($13.50 pb, remainder mark to top & bottom, Open City, [5th printing] 2003)

77 Dream Songs by John Berryman ($8.50 pb, Noonday/FSG, [10th printing] 1975)

Next to Nothing: Collected Poems 1926–1977 by Paul Bowles ($20 pb, first, Black Sparrow, 1981)

Nothing to Write Home About by Joe Brainard ($85 pb, first, light sunning to top & right edges of front, otherwise very good, Little Caesar, 1981)

Standing Watch by Christopher Bursk ($7.50 pb, first, Houghton Mifflin, 1978)

The Need for Chocolate & Other Poems by Mary Cheever ($16.50 hc, first, publicity sheet laid in, Stein & Day, 1980)

At Malibu by Tom Clark ($25 pb, first, Kulchur Foundation, 1975)

The End of the Line by Tom Clark ($15 pb, Little Caesar, 1980)

Fan Poems by Tom Clark ($13.50 pb, first, North Atlantic, 1976)

The Great Naropa Poetry Wars (With a copious collection of germane documents assembled by the author) by Tom Clark ($35 pb, Cadmus Editions, 1980)

How I Broke In & Six Modern Masters by Tom Clark ($20 pb, Tombouctou, 1977)

The Poetry Beat: Reviewing the Eighties by Tom Clark ($12.50 pb, first, Michigan, 1990)

Under the Fortune Palms by Tom Clark ($65 hc, handset/letterpress printed, 1/175 copies, Turkey Press, 1982)

When Things Get Tough on Easy Street: Selected Poems 1963–1978 by Tom Clark ($10 pb, first, Black Sparrow, 1978)

Mirrors by Marcel Cohen ($7.50 pb, Green Integer, 1997)

Heading for Valparaíso: Selected Poems 1980–1996 by Ned Condini, translated from the Italian by the author ($8.50 pb, Chelsea, 2013)

The Tenderness of the Wolves by Dennis Cooper ($25 pb, first, The Crossing Press, 1982)

Poetry as Persuasion by Carl Dennis ($11.50 pb, first, Georgia, 2001)

Sorties: Journals & New Essays by James Dickey ($8.50 pb, first thus, Louisiana, 1984)

The History of Violets by Marosa di Giorgio, translated from the Spanish by Jeannine Marie Pitas ($13.50 pb, bilingual, first, Ugly Duckling, 2010)

Poems 1929–1961 by Francis Fergusson ($5.50 hc, first, no d.j., Rutgers, 1962)

Spring Shade: Poems 1931–1970 by Robert Fitzgerald ($5 pb, first, New Directions, 1971)

Songs of a Friend: Love Lyrics of Medieval Portugal translated by Barbara Hughes Fowler ($11.50 pb, first, North Carolina, 1996)

Between Dawn & the Wind: Selected Poetry by Anna Frajlich, translated from the Polish with an introduction by Regina Grol-Prokopczyk ($15 pb, inscribed by author, Host Publications, 1991)

Bitter Angel by Amy Gerstler ($12.50 pb, North Point, 1990)

Early Heaven by Amy Gerstler ($17.50 pb, Ouija Madness, 1984)

The True Bride by Amy Gerstler ($12.50 pb, first, Lapis, 1986)

Selected Poems 1947–1995 by Allen Ginsberg ($9.50 pb, Harper, 1997)

The Resurrection of Bert Ringold: Selected Poems by Harvey Goldner ($7.50 pb, inscribed by two of authors daughters, Cinco Puntos, 2008)

Field Guide by Robert Hass ($13.50 pb, first, Yale, 1973)

Collected Poems 1967–85 by Adrian Henri, with drawings by the author ($9.50 pb, first, Allison & Busby, 1986)

The Book of the Archpriest of Hita (El Libro de Buen Amor) translated by Mack Singleton ($10 hc, no d.j., Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies [Madison, WI], 1975)

The Fate of American Poetry by Jonathan Holden ($11.50 pb, Georgia, 2008)

The Book of Nightmares by Galway Kinnell ($20 pb, inscribed, Houghton Mifflin, 1971)

Jungle Girl by James Krusoe ($25 pb, Little Caesar, 1982)

Fortino Sámano (The Overflowing of the Poem) by Virginie Lalucq & Jean-Luc Nancy, translated by Sylvain Gallais & Cynthia Hogue ($9.50 pb, Omnidawn, 2012)

The Simple Truth by Philip Levine ($14.50 hc, first, Knopf, 1994)

Oregon Winter by Jeanne McGahey ($15 hc, signed first, slight water damage to front d.j., Woolmer/Brotherson, 1973)

Collected Poems by David Markson ($8.50 pb, Dalkey Archive, 1993)

Comparative Poetics: An Intercultural Essay on Theories of Literature by Earl Miner ($22.50 pb, Princeton, 1990)

The Complete Poems of Marianne Moore [Definitive Edition, with the Author’s Final Revisions] ($9.50 pb, Viking, 1981)

The Lords & The New Creatures by Jim Morrison ($6.50 pb, Touchstone / Simon & Schuster, 1971)

Antilyrik & Other Poems by Vítěslav Nezval, translated from the Czech by Jerome Rothenberg & Milos Sovak ($17.50 pb, Green Integer, 2000)

Early Writing by Frank O’Hara ($25 pb, first, Grey Fox, 1977)

The Poetry & Poetics of Ancient Japan by О̄oka Makoto, translated by Thomas Fitzsimmons ($12.50 pb, Katydid / University of Hawaii, 1997)

Collected Poems & Prose by Harold Pinter ($8.50 pb, several highlighted titles & some spare underlining, Grove, 1996)

Argument & Song: Sources & Silences in Poetry by Stanley Plumly ($15 hc, first, Handsel, 2003)

Collected Poems by Peter Porter ($5.50 pb, Oxford, 1984)

Literary Essays of Ezra Pound ($6.50 pb, New Directions, 1968)

What Is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry & Politics by Adrienne Rich ($10 hc, Norton, 1993)

Chelsea 35: It Has Taken Long—From the Writings of Laura (Riding) Jackson ($20 pb, 1976)

Rimbaud: Complete Works, Selected Letters translated by Wallace Fowlie ($7.50 pb, bilingual, Chicago, 1966)

Reality & the Poet in Spanish Poetry by Pedro Salinas, translated by Edith Fishtine Helman ($13.50 pb, Johns Hopkins, 1966)

Pages by Aram Saroyan ($22.50 pb, first, review slip laid in, Random House, 1969)

The Tablets I–XXVI by Armand Schwerner ($20 pb, Atlas, 1989)

The Heart of Anne Sexton’s Poetry: Love Poems, All My Pretty Ones, Live or Die ($30 boxed set [3xpb], still factory sealed, Houghton Mifflin, 1977)

Language of a Small Space by Deirdre Sharett ($12.50 pb, first, Hartmus, 1980)

The New Sentence by Ron Silliman ($7.50 pb, ROOF, 1987)

Austerities by Charles Simic ($11.50 pb, first, Braziller, 1982)

Undying Love, or Love Dies by Jalal Toufic ($20 pb, Post-Apollo, 2002)

Lives of the Poets: The Story of One Thousand Years of English & American Poetry by Louis Untermeyer ($5.00 pb, first thus, Simon & Schuster, 1963)

New & Collected Poems by Richard Wilbur ($10 hc, misbound, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1988)

In Defense of Reason: Three Classics of Contemporary Criticism by Yvor Winters ($10 pb, Swallow, 1947)


The World in Time & Space: Towards a History of Innovative American Poetry in Our Time—Reviews/Essays/Interviews: The Revolution in American Poetry & Poetics at the End of the Twentieth Century & the Beginning of the Twenty-First edited by Edward Foster & Joseph Donahue ($10 pb, Talisman: Issues 23–26, 2002)

Poetry LA #3: Fall/Winter 1981-82 edited by Helen Friedland, featuring Ron Koertge, Josephine Miles, Jaime de Angulo & many others ($10 journal)

Poetry LA #4: Spring/Summer 1982 edited by Helen Friedland, featuring Forugh Farrokhzad, Charles Bukowski, Martha Ronk & many others ($10 journal)

Irish Classical Poetry / Filíocht na Sgol by Eleanor Knott ($8.50 pb, Mercier, [5th printing] 1978)

Chinese Folk Poetry translated by Cecilia Liang ($15 pb, Beyond Baroque Foundation, 1982)

Selections from Contemporary Portuguese Poetry [A Bilingual Selection] by Jean R. Longland, illustrated by Anne Marie Jauss ($8.50 hc, ex-lib, Harvey House, 1966)

The Streets Inside: Ten Los Angeles Poets edited by William Mohr, featuring Leland Hickman, James Krusoe, Holly Prado, Deena Metzger, Peter Levitt, William Mohr, Kate Ellen Braverman, Eloise Klein Healy, Harry Northup & Dennis Ellman ($11.50 pb, Momentum, 1978)

Four Postmodern Poets of Spain: A Critical Introduction with Translations of the Poems [featuring Pere Gimferrer, Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Guillermo Carnero & Antonio Colinas] edited & translated by Kay Pritchett ($14.50 pb, first, Arkansas, 1991)

The Gazelle: Medieval Hebrew Poems on God, Israel & the Soul by Raymond P. Scheindlin ($22.50 pb, bilingual, Oxford, 1991)

Wine, Women & Death: Medieval Hebrew Poems on the Good Life by Raymond P. Scheindlin ($22.50 pb, Oxford, 1999)