Used Books: February 2020

Versed by Rae Armantrout ($18.50 pb, inscribed, Wesleyan, 2009)

In the Tradition (for Black Arthur Blythe) by Amiri Baraka ($40 pamphlet, inscribed, self-published, 1980)

The Music of the Spheres by Ernesto Cardenal, translated by Dinah Livingstone ($30 pb, inscribed first, Katabasis, 1990)

Calling Me from Sleep: New & Selected Poems, 1961-1973 by Jane Cooper ($9.50 chap, “Essays from Sarah Lawrence Faculty” Vol. 2, No. 2, February 1974)

The Despairs by Cid Corman, artwork by Alan Lau ($5.50 pb, creased wraps, split binding but w/ all pages present & sound, Cedar Hill, 2001)

Midland by Kwame Dawes ($8.50 pb, Ohio University, 2001)

Revolutionary Letters by Diane di Prima ($30 pb, first thus, very good, City Lights, 1971)

Girl Soldier by Denise Duhamel ($7.50 pb, very good, Garden Street, 1996)

Fields by Robert Edwards ($4.50 chap, handbound, inscribed, Red Dragonfly, 2013)

Calendars by Annie Finch ($15 pb, inscribed, Tupelo, 2003)

Eve by Annie Finch ($15 pb, inscribed, Story Line, 2000)

New Shoes by Kathleen Fraser ($25 pb, inscribed first, Harper & Row, 1998)

Without by Donald Hall ($7.50 pb, Mariner, 1999)

Death Tractates by Brenda Hillman ($8.50 pb, Wesleyan, 1992)

Special Orders by Edward Hirsch ($20 hc, inscribed first, Knopf, 2008)

An Almost Human Gesture by Louis Jenkins ($20 pb, inscribed, Eighties Press & Ally Press, 1987)

The One-Strand River by Richard Kenney ($22.50 hc, first, Knopf, 2008)

Where the Water Falls by Scott King ($6.50 chap, handbound letterpress, linocut cover by Sarah Hale, 1/100 copies, inscribed, Verna, 2007)

Coal by Audre Lorde ($7.50 pb, Norton, 1996)

Vladimir Mayakovsky: Selected Works in Three Volumes: Vol. 2: Longer Poems translated by Dorian Rottenberg ($20 hc, first, torn d.j., clean interior, Raduga, 1986)

Memoir by Honor Moore ($8.50 pb, inscribed, note from author laid in, Chicory Blue, 1988)

Lucky Fish by Aimee Nezhukumatathil ($7.50 pb, Tupelo, 2011)

At Passages by Michael Palmer ($20 pb, inscribed, New Directions, 1995)

Company of Moths by Michael Palmer ($20 pb, inscribed, New Directions, 2005)

First Figure by Michael Palmer ($25 pb, inscribed, North Point, 1984) 

The Translations of Ezra Pound ($5 pb, first, split binding but no missing or loose pages, a few instances of notes, New Directions, 1953)

Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law by Adrienne Rich ($15 pb, first, very good, Norton, 1967)

Close to Death by Patricia Smith ($15 pb, inscribed first, Zoland, 1993)

Roam by Susan B. A. Somers-Willett ($7.50 pb, Southern Illinois University, 2006)

The Messenger by Jean Valentine ($11.50 pb, very good, Noonday/FSG, [2nd printing] 1980)

Atlas by Katrina Vandenberg ($7.50 pb, Milkweed, 2004)

Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart by Alice Walker ($20 hc, signed first, 37Ink/Atria, 2018)

Reign of Snakes by Robert Wrigley ($7.50 pb, Penguin, 1999)

Heart into Soil by Xue Di ($16.50 pb, inscribed, Burning Deck, 1998)

* * *

An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Brazilian Poetry edited, with introduction, by Elizabeth Bishop & Emanuel Brasil; with translations by Bishop, Paul Blackburn, June Jordan, Galway Kinnell, James Merrill, W. S. Merwin, Mark Strand, Jean Valentine, James Wright & others ($12.50 pb, bilingual, first, crease & slight staining to front & back covers, clean interior, Wesleyan, 1972)

The Little Treasury of One Hundred People, One Poem Each compiled by Fujiwara no Sadaie (1162-1241), translated by Tom Galt ($12.50 pb, inscribed by translator, first, Princeton, 1982)

The New American Poetry edited by Donald M. Allen ($7.50 pb, Grove, 1960)