Used Books: February 2019

Greetings! We’re back after a short hiatus with loads of exciting used books. Do let us know if anything catches your eye, and we’ll gladly set it aside for in-store pickup or promptly package, invoice, and ship out (free freight on book orders $25 and above). Happy browsing!

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Poems: A Selection by Léonie Adams ($15 hc, Funk & Wagnalls, 1954)

Above the Land by Julie Agoos ($8.50 pb, 1st, Yale, 1987)

Navigable Waterways by Pamela Alexander ($11.50 pb, 1st, Yale, 1985) 

Selected Poems by Benny Andersen, translated from the Danish by Alexander Taylor ($9.50 pb, 1st, Princeton, 1975) 

The Brother’s Country by Tom Andrews ($11.50 pb, 1st, Persea, 1990)

CloudCuckooLand by Simon Armitage ($7.50 pb, Faber, 1997)

The Dead Sea Poems by Simon Armitage ($8.50 pb, 1st, Faber, 1995)

Kid by Simon Armitage ($16.50 pb, inscribed, Faber, 1992)

Killing Time by Simon Armitage ($11 pb, 1st, Faber, 1999)

Mister Heracles [after Euripides] by Simon Armitage ($6.50 pb, 1st, Faber, 2000)

Xanadu by Simon Armitage ($11.50 pb, 1st, Bloodaxe, 1992)

Zoom! by Simon Armitage ($16.50 pb, inscribed, Bloodaxe, 1999)

Wakefulness by John Ashbery ($11.50 hc, 1st, FSG, 1998)

Your Name Here by John Ashbery ($11.50 hc, 1st, FSG, 2000)

Disappearances: Selected Poems by Paul Auster ($8.50 pb, Overlook, 1988)

Martín & Meditations on the South Valley by Jimmy Santiago Baca ($7.50 hc, New Directions, 1987)

Collected Poems 1930–1955 by George Barker ($12.50 hc, 1st, no d.j., Criterion, 1957)

The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry, edited by Norman Wirzba ($14.50 hc, Counterpoint, 2002)

Clearing by Wendell Berry ($9.50 pb, 1st, Harvest/HBJ, 1977)

A Continuous Harmony: Essays Cultural & Agricultural by Wendell Berry ($7.50 pb, Harvest/HBJ, 1975)

Entries by Wendell Berry ($17.50 hc, 1st, Pantheon, 1994)

Farming: A Hand Book by Wendell Berry ($17.50 pb, Harvest/HBJ, 1970)

The Long-Legged House: Essays by Wendell Berry ($7.50 pb, 1st, severe sunning to front, Shoemaker & Hoard, 2004)

A Part by Wendell Berry ($14.50 hc, 1st, severe sunning to spine & along spine on front d.j., North Point, 1980)

Recollected Essays 1965–1980 by Wendell Berry ($20 hc, 1st, North Point, 1981)

Sabbaths 1987–90 by Wendell Berry ($18.50 pb, 1st, Golgonooza, 1992)

The Wheel by Wendell Berry ($9.50 pb, 1st, sunning to spine & top front corner, short tear to top flap along spine, North Point, 1982) 

The Wheel by Wendell Berry ($32.50 pb, 1st, signed, sunning to spine & top front corner, North Point, 1982)

Homage to Mistress Bradstreet: A Poem by John Berryman, with pictures by Ben Shahn ($35 hc, 1st, w/ gift inscription & previous owner to ffep, light pencilling to pp2–3, otherwise clean interior, chipping & several short tears to top d.j. & along spine, Farrar, Straus & Cudahy, 1956)

North & South—A Cold Spring by Elizabeth Bishop ($225 hc, 1st, some severe chipping to bottom & top of d.j. w/ short tear along spine, clean & tight, very good overall, Houghton Mifflin, 1955)

Four Ramages of Robert Bly, illustrated by Barbara Larue King ($35 pb, 1st, Barnwood, 1983) 

The Moon on a Fencepost by Robert Bly, illustrated by Gregory Bitz ($6.50 chap, Unicorn, 1988)

Out of the Rolling Ocean & Other Love Poems by Robert Bly ($4.50 chap, Ally, 1984)

Point Reyes Poems by Robert Bly ($4.50 chap, Floating Island, 1989)

Sleepers Joining Hands by Robert Bly ($22.50 pb, 1st, Harper, 1973)

Body of This Death by Louise Bogan ($35 hc, 1st, no d.j., Robert M. McBride & Co., 1923)

Dark Summer by Louise Bogan ($35 hc, 1st thus, no d.j., Scribner’s Sons, 1929)

Trying to Say It: Outlooks & Insights on How Poems Happen by Philip Booth ($12.50 pb, 1st, University of Michigan, 1996)

Watermark by Joseph Brodsky ($6.50 pb, Noonday, 1993)

On Grief & Reason: Essays by Joseph Brodsky ($14.50 hc, 1st, FSG, 1995)

Less Than One: Selected Essays by Joseph Brodsky ($11.50 pb, FSG, 1988)

Living Instead by William Bronk ($13.50 hc, North Point, 1991)

Manifest; and Furthermore by William Bronk ($7.95 pb, North Point, 1987)

In the Mecca by Gwendolyn Brooks ($15 hc, no d.j., Harper & Row, 1968)

Judevine: The Complete Poems 1970–1990 by David Budbill ($14.50 pb, 1st, Chelsea Green, 1991)

The Way Down by John Burt ($9.50 pb, 1st, Princeton, 1988)

Collected Shorter Poems 1946–1991 by Hayden Carruth ($14.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1992)

The Desert Route: Selected Poems 1973–1988 by Harry Clifton ($9.50 pb, 1st, Gallery, 1992)

Resurrection by Nicole Cooley ($11.50 hc, 1st, Louisiana State University, 1996)

Selected Poems of John Clare edited by James Reeves ($12.50 hc, 1st US printing, no d.j., Macmillan, 1957)

Thasos & Ohio: Poems & Translations 1950-1980 by Guy Davenport ($13.50 hc, 1st, North Point, 1986)

The Springs of Silence by Madeline DeFrees [Sister Mary Gilbert] ($8.50 hc, inscribed, Prentice Hall, 1954)

The Selected Poems of Robert Desnos edited & translated by Carolyn Forché & William Kulik ($25 hc, 1st, Ecco, 1991)

One Part Love by Babette Deutsch ($8.50 hc, 1st, no d.j., Oxford, 1939)

Lyric Time: Dickinson & the Limits of Genre by Sharon Cameron ($13.95 pb, Johns Hopkins, 1981)

Late in the Millennium by Deborah Digges ($11.50 pb, 1st, Knopf, 1989)

Best Words, Best Order: Essays on Poetry by Stephen Dobyns ($14.50 pb, St. Martin’s, 1997)

Thomas & Beulah by Rita Dove ($12.50 hc, 1st, Carnegie-Mellon, 1986)

Landscape at the End of the Century by Stephen Dunn ($12.50 hc, 1st, Norton, 1991)

Collected Poems of William Empson ($8.50 hc, 1st US printing, no d.j., Harcourt, Brace & Co., 1949)

Palladium by Alice Fulton ($8.95 pb, 1st, University of Illinois, 1986)

Portable Kisses by Tess Gallagher ($7.50 pb, Capra, 1992)

The Monument Rose by Jean Garrigue ($8.50 hc, 1st, Noonday, 1953)

A Water Walk by Villa d’Este by Jean Garrigue ($8.50 hc, 1st, St. Martin’s, 1959)

Bitter Angel by Amy Gerstler ($12.95 pb, North Point, 1990)

Averno by Louise Glück ($9.50 hc, 1st, FSG, 2006)

Descending Figure by Louise Glück ($6.50 pb, Ecco, 1980)

Firstborn by Louise Glück ($6.50 pb, Ecco, 1983)

Meadowlands by Louise Glück ($12.50 hc, 1st, Ecco, 1996)

Heaven & Earth: A Cosmology by Albert Goldbarth ($9.50 pb, 1st, University of Georgia, 1991)

New Collected Poems by W. S. Graham ($25 pb, Faber, 2004)

The Sacraments of Desire by Linda Gregg ($9.50 hc, 1st, Graywolf, 1991)

Too Bright to See by Linda Gregg ($16.50 pb, 1st, Graywolf, 1981)

The Alligator Bride: Poems New & Selected by Donald Hall ($7.50 pb, 1st, Harper & Row, 1969)

The Bone Ring: A Verse Play by Donald Hall ($6.50 pb, Strong Line, 1987)

A Roof of Tiger Lilies by Donald Hall ($12.50 hc, 1st, Andre Deutsch, 1964)

Trusting Your Life to Water & Eternity: Twenty Poems by Olav H. Hauge, translated by Robert Bly ($9.50 pb, Milkweed, 1987)

The Spirit Level by Seamus Heaney ($11.50 hc, 1st US printing, FSG, 1996)

Crediting Poetry: The Nobel Lecture 1995 by Seamus Heaney ($7.50 pb, Gallery, 1995)

The Unending Lightning by Miguel Hernández, translated by Edwin Honig ($12.50 pb, Sheep Meadow, 1990)

Rhythm, Content & Flavor by Victor Hernández Cruz ($6.50 pb, Arte Publico, 1989)

The Dead Get By with Everything by Bill Holm ($9.50 pb, 1st, Milkweed, 1991)

Homer’s The Odyssey: A Stage Version translated by Derek Walcott ($9.50 hc, 1st, FSG, 1993)

Findings by Richard Howard ($8.50 pb, 1st, Atheneum, 1971)

Quantities/Damages: Early Poems by Richard Howard ($8.50 pb, 1st, Wesleyan, 1984)

Trappings by Richard Howard ($13.50 pb, signed 1st, Turtle Point, 1999)

Untitled Subjects by Richard Howard ($8.50 pb, Atheneum, 1970)

Ghost Money by Lynda Hull ($18.50 pb, 1st, University of Massachusetts, 1986)

Open Between Us [Poets on Poetry] by David Ignatow, edited by Ralph J. Mills ($13.50 pb, University of Michigan, 1980)

Whisper to the Earth by David Ignatow ($8.50 pb, 1st, Atlantic–Little, Brown, 1972)

Twenty Poems by Rolf Jacobsen, translated from the Norwegian by Robert Bly ($13.50 pb, The Seventies Press, 1977)

Red Clay Suite by Honorée Fanonne Jeffers ($8.50 pb, 1st, Southern Illinois University, 2007)

The Selected Writings of Juan Ramon Jimènez by translated by H. R. Hays ($14.50 hc, 1st, Farrar, Straus & Cudahy, 1957)

Living Room by June Jordan ($8.50 pb, Thunder’s Mouth, 1985)

Oblivion: On Writers & Writing by Donald Justice ($9.50 pb, Story Line, 1989)

Red Actions: Selected Poems 1960–1993 by Robert Kelly ($18.50 pb, 1st, Black Sparrow, 1995)

The Evolution of the Flightless Bird by Richard Kenney ($16.50 pb, 1st, Yale, 1984)

The Book of Nightmares by Galway Kinnell ($22.50 pb, signed, Houghton Mifflin, 1971)

Imperfect Thirst by Galway Kinnell ($9.50 hc, 1st, Houghton Mifflin, 1994)

The Pen Shop by Thomas Kinsella ($47.50 hc, signed, 1/250 copies, Peppercanister, 1997)

Carrying Over: Poems from the Chinese, Urdu, Macedonian, Yiddish & French African translated by Carolyn Kizer ($6.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1988)

Proses: On Poems & Poets by Carolyn Kizer ($9.50 pb, Copper Canyon, 1993)

The Late Wisconsin Spring by John Koethe ($8.50 pb, 1st, Princeton, 1984)

Our Ground Time Here Will Be Brief: New & Selected Poems by Maxine Kumin ($7.50 pb, Penguin, 1989)

To Make a Prairie: Essays on Poets, Poetry & Country Living by Maxine Kumin ($11.50 pb, University of Michigan, 1991)

The Fables of La Fontaine translated by Marianne Moore ($6.50 pb, Viking, 1965)

Sonnets by R. D. Laing ($7.50 pb, 1st US printing, Pantheon, 1980)

Relearning the Alphabet by Denise Levertov ($7.50 pb, 1st, New Directions, 1970)

The Poet in the World by Denise Levertov ($7.50 pb, New Directions, 1973)

The Litany of Washington Street by Vachel Lindsay ($8.50 hc, reissue, no d.j., Macmillan, 1932)

Kings: An Account of Books 1 & 2 of Homer’s Iliad by Christopher Logue ($7.50 pb, 1st US printing, Noonday, 1991)

War Music: An Account of Books 16–19 of Homer’s Iliad by Christopher Logue ($7.95 pb, 1st US printing, FSG, 1987)

Collected Poems 1925–1948 by Louis MacNeice ($17.50 hc, 1st, Faber, 1949)

Poems Are Hard to Read by William Meredith ($12.50 pb, University of Michigan, 2001)

First Poems by James Merrill ($50 hc, 1st, no d.j., #397 of 990, Knopf, 1951) 

The Midnight Court / Cúirt An Mheán-Oíche by Brian Merriman, translated from the Gaelic by Patrick C. Power ($5.50 pb, bilingual, The Mercier Press, 1990)

On the Banks of Monks Pond: The Thomas Merton/Jonathan Greene Correspondence ($9.50 hc, Broadstone Books, 2004)

Selected Poems by W. S. Merwin ($32.50 pb, signed, Atheneum, 1988)

The Moving Target by W. S. Merwin ($12.50 pb, Atheneum, 1979)

The Compass Flower by W. S. Merwin ($10.50 pb, Atheneum, 1983

W. S. Merwin: Essays on the Poetry edited by Cary Nelson & Ed Folsom ($16.50 hc, 1st, University of Illinois, 1987)

The Figure in the Cave & Other Essays by John Montague ($9.50 pb, 1st, Syracuse, 1989)

Like a Bulwark by Marianne Moore ($11.50 hc, 1st, Viking, 1956)

O to Be a Dragon by Marianne Moore ($9.50 hc, 1st, Viking, 1959)

The Intelligence of Clouds by Stanley Moss ($7.95 pb, 1st, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1989)

Selected Poems 1976–1997 by Andrew Motion ($7.50 pb, Faber, 1998)

The Prince of the Quotidian by Paul Muldoon ($12 pb, 1st, Wake Forest, 1994)

Six Honest Serving Men by Paul Muldoon ($9.50 hc, Gallery, 1995)

Inside the Onion by Howard Nemerov ($6.50 pb, University of Chicago, 1984)

The Collected Poems of Howard Nemerov ($18.50 pb, University of Chicago, 1977)

Trying Conclusions: New & Selected Poems 1961–1991 by Howard Nemerov ($13.50 hc, University of Chicago, 1991)

The Time Traveler by Joyce Carol Oates ($7.50 pb, 1st, Dutton, 1989)

Once More Out of Darkness & Other Poems by Alicia Ostriker ($9.50 pb, 2nd printing, Berkeley Poets’ Workshop & Press, 1976)

A Woman under the Surface: Poems & Prose Poems by Alicia Ostriker ($9.50 pb, 1st, Princeton, 1982)

My Sister—Life by Boris Pasternak, translated Mark Rudman ($10.50 pb, Northwestern, 1992)

Selected Poems by Boris Pasternak, translated by Jon Stallworthy & Peter France ($7.95 pb, 1st thus, Penguin, 1984)

How to Read a Poem… & Start a Poetry Circle by Molly Peacock ($10 hc, 1st, Riverhead, 1999)

Elegy for a Broken Machine by Patrick Phillips ($9.50 hc, 1st, Knopf, 2015)

Out-of-the-Body Travel by Stanley Plumly ($32.50 hc, signed 1st, Ecco, 1977)

Cave Dwellers by A Poulin, Jr. ($7.50 hc, 1st, Graywolf, 1991)

Personae: The Collected Poems of Ezra Pound ($40 hc, 1st, no d.j., New Directions, 1926)

Collected Poems by Sally Purcell, edited by Peter Jay ($9.50 pb, Anvil, 2002)

The Probable World by Lawrence Raab ($6.50 pb, Penguin, 2002)

The Lost Country by Kathleen Raine ($12.50 hc, 1st, Dolmen, 1971)

Collected Poems by Kathleen Raine ($16.50 hc, w/ gift inscription, Hamish Hamilton, 1959)

Poems & Essays by John Crowe Ransom ($6.50 pb, Vintage, 1955)

Selected Poems [3rd Edition, Revised & Enlarged] by John Crowe Ransom ($6.50 pb, Ecco, 1978)

Beyond the Mountains: Four Plays in Verse by Kenneth Rexroth ($6.50 pb, 1st thus, New Directions, 1974)

New Poems by Kenneth Rexroth ($11.50 pb, 1st, w/ erratum slip, New Directions, 1974) 

Anarchism Is Not Enough by Laura Riding ($265 hc, true 1st [UK], no d.j., Jonathan Cape, 1928)

Wartime Letters of Rainer Maria Rilke, 1914–1921 by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by M. D. Herter Norton ($10 pb, Norton, 1968)

New Poems [1907] by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by Edward Snow ($7.50 pb, North Point, 1984)

New Poems [1908]: The Other Part by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by Edward Snow ($6.50 pb, North Point, 1987)

The Fourth Dimension by Yannis Ritsos, translated by Peter Green & Beverly Bardsley ($13.50 pb, 1st, Princeton, 1993)

The Jam Jar Lifeboat & Other Novelties Exposed by Kay Ryan, illustrated by Carl Dern ($7.50 pb, Red Berry, 2008)

Strangely Marked Metal by Kay Ryan ($11.50 pb, Copper Beech, 1985)

The Selected Poems of Tomaž Šalamun edited by Charles Simic ($12.50 pb, 1st, Ecco, 1988)

The Death Notebooks by Anne Sexton ($27.50 hc, 1st, Houghton Mifflin, 1974)

Heart’s Needle by W. D. Snodgrass ($60 hc, 1st, Knopf, 1959)

That Little Something by Charles Simic ($9.50 hc, 1st, Harcourt, 2008)

Mountains & Rivers without End by Gary Snyder ($10.50 hc, 1st, Counterpoint, 1996)

A Child Is Not a Knife: Selected Poems of Göran Sonnevi translated & edited by Rika Lesser ($16.50 pb, 1st, Princeton, 1993)

The Economy Spinning Faster & Faster by Göran Sonnevi, translated by Robert Bly ($12.50 pb, w/ errata slip, Sun, 1982)

Ruins & Visions: Poems 1934–1942 by Stephen Spender ($8.50 hc, 1st, no d.j., Random House, 1942)

Wallace Stevens: Words Chosen Out of Desire by Helen Vendler ($11.50 pb, Harvard, 1994)

Blizzard of One by Mark Strand ($10 hc, 1st, Knopf, 1998)

The Selected Poems of Jonathan Swift edited by A. Norman Jeffares ($7.50 pb, Roberts Rinehart, 1992)

Return to the City of White Donkeys by James Tate ($12.50 hc, 1st, Ecco, 2004)

Wilderness of Ladies by Eleanor Ross Taylor ($75 hc, 1st, McDowell Obolensky, 1960)

Poems of R. S. Thomas ($16.50 pb, 1st, University of Arkansas, 1985)

Collected Poems by Tomas Tranströmer, translated by Robin Fulton ($25 pb, 1st, Bloodaxe, 1987)

Truth Barriers by Tomas Tranströmer, translated by Robert Bly ($40 hc, 1st, Sierra Club, 1980)

Art in the Light of Conscience: Eight Essays on Poetry by Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by Angela Livingstone ($22.50 hc, 1st, Harvard, 1992)

Selected Poems by Marina Tsvetayeva, translated by David McDuff ($7.50 pb, Bloodaxe, 1991)

Pilgrims by Jean Valentine ($11.50 pb, 1st, Carnegie-Mellon, 1995)

Precario/Precarious by Cecilia Vicuña, translated by Anne Twitty ($35 pb, 1st, Tanam, 1983)

Unravelling Words & the Weaving of Water by Cecilia Vicuña, translated by Eliot Weinberger ($24.50 pb, 1st, Graywolf, 1992)

New and Selected Poems 1923–1985 by Robert Penn Warren ($8.50 pb, Random House, 1985)

Affinities by Vernon Watkins ($9.50 hc, 1st, New Directions, 1963

The Other Stars by Rachel Wetzsteon ($9.50 pb, 1st, Penguin, 1994)

Severance Pay: Poems 1967–1969 by Philip Whalen ($15 pb, 1st, Four Seasons Foundation, 1970)

The Beautiful Changes & Other Poems by Richard Wilbur ($15 hc, 1st, no d.j., Reynal & Hitchcock, 1947)

Interviews with William Carlos Williams: “Speaking Straight Ahead” edited by Linda Wagner ($7.50 pb, 1st, New Directions, 1976)

Many Loves & Other Plays by William Carlos Williams ($6.50 pb, New Directions, 1965)

Shekhinah by Eleanor Wilner ($8.50 pb, 1st, University of Chicago, 1984)

Forms of Discovery: Critical & Historical Essays on the Forms of the Short Poem in English by Yvor Winters ($12.50 pb, 1st, Swallow, 1967)

James Wright: A Profile edited by Frank Graziano & Peter Stitt)
($12.50 pb, 1st, Logbridge-Rhodes, 1988)

The Swordfish Tooth by Cynthia Zarin ($8.50 pb, Knopf, 1989)

INRI by Raúl Zurita, translated by William Rowe ($9.50 pb, Marick, 2009)


Seventeenth-Century American Poetry edited by Harrison T. Meresole ($10 pb, 1st, Anchor, 1968)

From the Spanish Morning: Translations of Spanish Ballads, Eufemia by Lope de Rueda & Lazarillo de Tormes by W. S. Merwin ($12.50 pb, 1st, Atheneum, 1985)

Four French Plays: Translations of Robert the Devil [Anonymous, 14th Century]; The Rival of His Master & Turcaret [Alain-René Lesage]; & The False Confessions [Pierre de Marivaux] by W. S. Merwin ($12.50 pb, Atheneum, 1985)

Seventeenth-Century British Poetry: 1603–1660 edited by John P. Rumrich & Gregory Chaplin ($10 pb, 1st, Norton, 2006)


Adventures in Poetry #3, featuring Clark Coolidge, Francis Picabia (tr. Ron Padgett) & Tom Veitch (Larry Fagin, ed., January 1969) $25

Adventures in Poetry #11, featuring Anne Waldman, Michael McClure, Fielding Dawson, Clark Coolidge, Bruce Boyd, Ron Padgett, John Wieners, Tony Towle, Joe Ceravolo, James Schuyler, Ebbe Borregaard & Guillaume Apollinaire (Larry Fagin, ed., Spring 1974) $35

LOG #3, including Eileen Myles, Ted Berrigan, Bill Luoma, Eugene Ostashevsky, Tom Clark, Ron Padgett, William Yackulic & others (Edmund Berrigan & Noel Black, eds., 1998) $4.50

Opoponax #1 (Michael Sanchez, ed., 2002, 1/25 copies) $4.50

Opoponax #2 (Michael Sanchez, ed., 2003) $4.50

The Recluse #1, including Renee Gladman, John Yau, Lisa Robertson, Ted Greenwald, Marcella Durand & others (Anselm Berrigan, Miles Champion & Corina Copp, eds., June 2005) $14.50

The Recluse #2, including Yuko Otomo, Michael Nicoloff, Heriberto Yepez, Arlo Quint, Leslie Scalapino & others (Anselm Berrigan, Stacy Szymaszek, Corrine Fitzpatrick & Regie Cabico, eds., June 2006) $14.50

Sal Mimeo #0, featuring George Stanley, Merrill Gilfillan, Jacqueline Waters, Fran Carlen, Clark Coolidge, Ange Mlinko, Charles North, Steve Malmude, David Perry & Anne Porter (Larry Fagin, ed., Fall 1999) $14.50

Sal Mimeo #1, including John Godfrey, James Schuyler, Jennifer Moxley, Aloysius Bertrand (tr. Merrill Gilfillan) & others (Larry Fagin, ed., Winter 2000) $14.50

Sal Mimeo #2, including Joanne Kyger, Rae Armantrout, Michael Brownstein, Kit Robinson, Ron Silliman, John Godfrey, Alan Gilbert & others (Larry Fagin, ed., Fall 2001) $14.50

Sal Mimeo #5, including Laura Moriarty, Duncan McNaughton, Jo Ann Wasserman, Philip Whalen’s letters to Joanne Kyger & others, with cover drawings by Joe Brainard (Larry Fagin, ed., Fall 2004) $14.50

Sal Mimeo #10, including Edwin Denby, Bill Berkson, Bernadette Mayer, Charles North, Joanne Kyger, Alfred Starr Hamilton, John Godfrey, Jean Day, Joe Ceravolo & others (Larry Fagin, ed., August 2013) $14.50

United Artists #14, featuring James Schuyler, Robert Creeley, Jack Collom, Bernadette Mayer, John Koethe, Hannah Weiner, Michael McClure, Ted Berrigan, Lewis Warsh, Andrei Codrescu, Russell Banks, Tom Savage, Eileen Myles & Bill Berkson (Bernadette Mayer & Lewis Warsh, eds., October 1981) $25