The Three Einsteins by Sarah Galvin

Those of you who have heard Ms. Galvin read her work and longed to see those deliciously odd pieces in print will now be able to savor them in the privacy of your own home. And if you’re new to her plain-spoken though anything-but-plain writing, Welcome to Galvin-land, a place at once surreal and familiar. Sexy, eerie, funny, intelligent, and often slyly poignant, hers is a voice one doesn’t soon forget. How about a little sample?

“Ice Cream Truck”

I once spent several months trapped inside an inflatable lawn ornament. Apparently they’re easier to get into than out of. It was made to look like a snow globe, with a human-sized snowman and two pine trees in its center. Through constantly swirling plastic confetti, I saw many people walk by, staring at me, but it was July before someone I’d never seen cut the ornament open with a pair of hedge clippers. Waking up in your apartment, I often think of the first thing I heard when I got out, a distant ice cream truck’s jingle.

Posted by Christine