Used Books, Rare and/or Collectible, 10/28/15

This gathering of recently received used books features several titles which are hard to come by, in some cases extremely hard to come by. Several are handmade examples of the best of the printer’s art. It’s been a pleasure for us to research these books, oohing and ahing over them all the while. Now our pleasure is in offering them to you for your library.

Another Time by W.H. Auden; 1st hc, no d.j. (Random House, 1940, preceded UK edition); $42.50

The English Auden: Poems, Essays and Dramatic Writings, 1927–1939 edited by Edward Mendelson; 1st hc, d.j. torn; $23.50

In the Storm of Roses: Selected Poems by Ingeborg Bachmann translated, edited, and introduced by Mark Anderson; 1st hc (Princeton, 1986); $45

The Complete Poems 1927–1979 by Elizabeth Bishop; 1st hc; $49.50

Instructions to the Double by Tess Gallagher; signed & hand-numbered special edition 1st hc (#2 of 12); top of dust jacket slightly worn with 3/4″ tear at top corner of spine, otherwise the book is in as-new condition; $485

Under Stars by Tess Gallagher; signed & hand-numbered 1st hc (#10 of 26), d.j. stained; $145

Willingly by Tess Gallagher; signed & hand-numbered 1st hc (#15 of 40); $195

Gillnets by Samuel Green; 1st hc, inscribed on false-title, signed & hand-numbered on author bio/colophon (#31 of 35); $47.50

The Only Time We Have by Samuel Green; limited edition (#25 of 50) hardcover published by Grey Spider Press; signed by Green, and includes a hand-lettered poem initialed by Green before the colophon; $185

Too Bright to See by Linda Gregg; inscribed 1st hc; $28.50

The Sun on Your Shoulder by John Haines, with an illustration by Joy Williams; Graywolf Pamphlet Series, 1976; light water damage; $9.50

The Happy Man by Donald Hall; 1st hc; (NOTE: this copy includes an unsigned Christmas card which is a folded broadside of Jane Kenyon’s poem At the Winter Solstice with an illustration by Barry Moser printed in December 1996 for private distribution (1/650) and a typed & signed letter to the poet James Snydal from Donald Hall, dated “9 December 1996”); $135

The Old Life by Donald Hall; inscribed & dated 1st hc; $45.50

“On New Canada Road” broadside by Donald Hall; signed; $120

The Purpose of a Chair by Donald Hall; Brooding Heron hc, 2000; $200

Without by Donald Hall; inscribed 1st hc; $32.50

Requiem by Sam Hamill; Copper Canyon hc, 1983; signed by author; $275

Letters to Yesenin and Returning to Earth by Jim Harrison; 1st combined pb edition, published by Center Publications; this copy has small creases and a portion of a price sticker on the back cover; $13.50

Gravitation by Charles O. Hartman, signed by author and artist (Glenn Wark);  letterset, hand-made limited edition hc (Sea Pen Press & Paper Mill); $125

The Spirit Level by Seamus Heaney; signed & dated hc (4th printing); $125

Station Island by Seamus Heaney; signed & dated 1st pb (Faber, 1984); $115

Orts by Ted Hughes; hand-numbered & signed, #108 of 200 (Rainbow Press, 1977/1978); “full black leather by Zaehnsdorf. Slipcased. Frontispiece by Leonard Baskin.”; $350

The Lost World by Randall Jarrell; inscribed (“With all best wishes and memories of a delightful luncheon, Mary and Randall Jarrell”); 1st hardcover in very fine condition; $350

Rock and Hawk: A Selection of Shorter Poems by Robinson Jeffers compiled and edited by Robert Hass; 2nd hc, with minimal underlining and notes, limited entirely to the introduction; $32.50

The Avenue Bearing the Initial of Christ into the New World: Poems 1946–1964 by Galway Kinnell; 1st hc; $24.50

A New Selected Poems by Galway Kinnell; signed pb; $25

Knock Upon Silence by Carolyn Kizer; inscribed 1st hc; $22.50

Last Year’s Poverty by Tim McNulty; letter “J” of 26 hand-bound cloth copies, signed & with hand-stamped stone “chop” on title page (Brooding Heron Press, 1987); $40

Collected Poems by James Merrill; 1st hc; $35

Clement of Alexandria: Selections from The Protreptikos translated and with an essay by Thomas Merton; New Directions chapbook; $25

The Collected Poems of Thomas Merton; 1st hc; $95

Lament for the Makers: A Memorial Anthology by W.S. Merwin; signed 1st hc; $40

Vixen by W.S. Merwin; signed 1st hc; $65

Provinces by Czeslaw Milosz; 1st hc, signed both by author & by co-translator, Robert Hass; $300

From Syria: The Worksheets, Proofs, and Text by Ezra Pound; 1st hc, very rare, Copper Canyon, 1981; $150

A Lume Spento and Other Early Poems by Ezra Pound; 1st hc; $28.50

Chills and Fever by John Crowe Ransom; signed & inscribed to original owner, whose bookplate remains; 1st ed. hc, 2nd binding, 1924; $185

Selected Poems by John Crowe Ransom; 1st hc, from Theodore Roethke’s library, signed by Roethke; $150

Selected Poetry by Herbert Read; 1st (?) Sinclair-Stevenson hc; $10.50

The Complete Poems of Kenneth Rexroth edited by Sam Hamill & Bradford Morrow; 1st hc; $45

The Silver Swan: poems written in Kyoto 1974–75 by Kenneth Rexroth; 1/2000 bound in wrappers; $14.50

The Roses & The Windows by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated from the French by A. Poulin, Jr. (1st of a bilingual 4-book series); 1st hc, Graywolf, ©1979/pub. 1980; $40

The Astonishment of Origins: French Sequences by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by A. Poulin, Jr. (2nd of a bilingual 4-book series); 1st hc, Graywolf, 1982; $40

Orchards: A Sequence of French Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by A. Poulin, Jr. (3rd of 4); 1st hc, Graywolf, 1982; $40

The Migration of Powers: French Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by A. Poulin, Jr. (4th of 4, containing all the Saltimbanques prose poems, plus one); 1st hc, Graywolf, 1984 ; $40

Saltimbanques: French Prose Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by A. Poulin, Jr., with calligraphy by Tim Girvin; limited ed. (1/220), bilingual, hand-bound; Graywolf, 1978; $120

Dirty Dinky and Other Creatures: Poems for Children by Theodore Roethke; $30 hc

I Am! Says the Lamb: A Joyous Book of Sense and Nonsense Verse by Theodore Roethke; signed 1st hc, with author’s edit on pg 32 (“Rank” is corrected in same pen & hand to read “Plank”); $450

The Collected Shorter Poems 1947–1977 by Robin Skelton; 1st hc; $13.50

A Range of Poems (or, Collected Poems) by Gary Snyder; 2nd hc (Fulcrum, 1967); $34.50

Six Sections from Mountains and Rivers without End Plus One by Gary Snyder; Four Seasons pb, 1970; $8.50

Allegiances by William Stafford; inscribed 1st hc; $85

Passwords by William Stafford; signed 1st hc; $45

Sometimes Like a Legend by William Stafford; 1/290 cloth-bound, signed; $165

The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens; 11th hc (Knopf, 1971), d.j. in tatters; $13.50

The Map of Love: Verse and Prose by Dylan Thomas; 1st hc, 1939; $100

Poems by Edward Thomas; reprinted hc, Selwyn & Blount, 1917; $200

Utamaro: A Chorus of Birds; Metropolitan Museum of Art/Viking Press accordion-style hc w/slipcase; $18.50

Collected Poems 1956–1976 by David Wagoner; Indiana University Press inscribed hc; $28.50

First Light by David Wagoner; 1st hc; $24.50

The House of Song by David Wagoner; 1st hc; $28.50

In Broken Country by David Wagoner; 1st hc; $18.50

Landfall by David Wagoner; 1st hc; $19.50

Riverbed by David Wagoner; 2nd hc; $14.50

Sleeping in the Woods by David Wagoner; 1st hc; $22.50

Through the Forest: New and Selected Poems by David Wagoner; inscribed 1st hc; $32.50

Traveling Light: Collected and New Poems by David Wagoner; 1st hc; $26.50

Walt Whitman Bathing by David Wagoner; 1st pb; $7.50

Who Shall Be the Sun?: Poems Based on the Lore, Legends, and Myths of Northwest Coast and Plateau Indians by David Wagoner; inscribed 1st hc; $175

Another Life by Derek Walcott; 1st pb; $22.50

The Fortunate Traveller by Derek Walcott; 1st hc; $26.50

Sea Grapes by Derek Walcott; 1st US pb; $15.50

The Collected Earlier Poems by William Carlos Williams; 1966 OOP hc; $28.50

The Collected Later Poems by William Carlos Williams; 1967 OOP hc; $27.50

Journey to Love by William Carlos Williams; 1st hc; the late Nelson Bentley’s copy; $175

Spring & All by William Carlos Williams; Frontier Press pb, 1970; slight tear to front cover; $18.50

The Other Side of the River by Charles Wright; 1st edition hc; $125

The Collected Letters of W.B. Yeats: Volume I, 1865–1895; general ed. John Kelly; 1st hc; $85

The Collected Letters of W.B. Yeats: Volume II, 1896–1900; general ed. John Kelly; 1st hc; $85

The Collected Letters of W.B. Yeats: Volume III, 1901–1904; general ed. John Kelly; 1st hc; $85

New Poems by W.B. Yeats; 1st ed. hc, 1/450 printed by Elizabeth Corbet Yeats at The Cuala Press, 1938; cloth cover torn 2″ along spine and small tear to the top of the spine, some foxing as well; $385

The Tower by W.B. Yeats; bound by Hunter & Foulis Ltd., printed letterpress by Napier, Jones Ltd.; Folio Press, 1987; $55

Hands, Joining: A Calligraphic Anthology published by Brooding Heron Press; a limited letterpress edition using impressions made from zinc engravings of single poems written in the calligraphic style by Lew Welch, Clifford Burke, Philip Whalen, Keith Abbott, Gary Snyder, Tim McNulty, David Romtvedt, Samuel Green, Paul Hansen, and Robert Sund. This copy is hand-bound into cloth & Kasugami over boards, letter “W” [dedicated, “for Keith Abbott”], and signed on the colophon page by Burke, Whalen, Snyder, Abbott, McNulty, Romtvedt, Hansen, Sund, and by both Green and his wife, Sally [“printer”]. This copy has sunning along the top and right edges of the front board, but is otherwise in excellent condition, and quite rare. $1,200

Eleven Skagit Poets published by Brooding Heron Press in an edition of 250 copies. This copy is bound in boards and is in mint condition. The poets are Robert Sund, Peter Heffelfinger, Thelma Palmer, Michael Rust, Jean Marie Haight, Glen Turner, Bill Slater, Clifford Burke, James Bertolino, Samuel Green, and Paul Hansen. $125