How it works:

1) We post a picture of a book to Instagram and Twitter (@openpoetrybooks) with the hashtag #PoetryMicCheck

2) If you have it, you tweet back to us with a picture of your own copy of that book

3) Be the first to respond, and you’ll win a $5 credit towards anything in our store!

Please Note These Additional Rules & Guidelines:

—You may participate as many times as you want in the #PoetryMicCheck, but you can only win once

—Please only respond with a photo if you actually own the book in question—taking a picture off Google images or your friend’s Facebook page is, you know, not really in the spirit of this exercise J

—You won? Great! To receive your $5 credit, email us your mailing address to openpoetrybooks@gmail.com with the subject line “Poetry Mic Check”