Ownership Transition News, July 2016

Open Books Logo_RevThe upcoming shift in ownership of Open Books, from John Marshall and Christine Deavel to Billie Swift, is moving along quite nicely, thank you. The transition happens August 31, and there will be a public ceremony to commemorate the change. We just don’t know what or when, yet. Ideas? We have plenty, but toss us one or two more, please.

Curiously, we continue to have people coming in or calling who say things like, When does the store close for good? and, How much longer is this place here? Please, good people, spread the word that Open Books is open and will continue to be open for a nice, long time.

The store will likely close for a couple of weeks (the end of August and the start of September) for last minute clearing out of stuff and for some (so needed) technological  upgrading. Beyond that, though, no changes should be expected concerning what is offered for sale and how those sales are handled.

Quite happily, Billie plans to honor all previously purchased and as-yet-unredeemed gift certificates. She also is going to keep in place the buy-12 cards, those 3 X 5 inch wonders of repeat-customer appreciation, waiting for you to get to your whichever dozen and to claim your credit. It has been suggested (thank you, Sarah) that Christine and I present Billie with the card files as a symbol of the transfer of stewardship of the store. Excellent! I’m certain that act will be part of whatever theater we engage in.

This ends July’s Ownership Transition News. Stay tuned for the next installment.