New Releases: September 2018


Love Dream with Television by Hannah Ensor (Noemi)
You Darling Thing
 by Monica Ferrell (Four Way)
All Prose: Selected Essays & Reviews by William Corbett (Pressed Wafer)
Not Hearing the Wood Thrush by Margaret Gibson (Louisiana State University)
The Slow Art by Sierra Golden (Bear Star)
Bird of the Indian Subcontinent by Subhashini Kaligotla (The [Great] Indian Poetry Collective)
Modern Love: Songs by Thomas Meyer (Verge)
The Handyman’s Guide to End Times by Juan J. Morales (University of New Mexico)
QWERTY & Chicken Windows by Jack Mueller (Lithic)
Black Flowers by Doug Ramspeck (Louisiana State University)
adagio ma non troppo by Ryoko Sekiguchi, translated by Lindsay Turner (Les Figues)
The Desert by Brandon Shimoda (Song Cave)
Machine, Unlearning by Li Zilles (Counterpath)


And God Created Women by Connie Voisine (Bull City)


Rodeo in Reverse by Lindsey Alexander (Hub City)
Human Hours by Catherine Barnett (Graywolf)
The Work-Shy edited by Blunt Research Group (Wesleyan)
Midden by Julia Bouwsma (Fordham)
Arrangements by Kate Colby (Four Way)
Dregs by Cynthia Cruz (Four Way)
Trophic Cascade by Camille Dungy (Wesleyan)
SPRAWL by Danielle Dutton (Wave Books)
Forgive the Body This Failure by Blas Falconer (Four Way)
No Small Gift by Jennifer Franklin (Four Way)
To Float in the Space Between: A Life & Work in Conversation with the Life & Work of Etheridge Knight by Terrance Hayes (Wave Books)
Blue Mistaken for Sky by Andrea Hollander (Autumn House)
Black Queer Hoe by Britteney Black Rose Kapri (Haymarket)
Isako Isako by Mia Ayumi Malhotra (Alice James)
Baby I don’t care by Chelsey Minnis (Wave Books)
Citizen Illegal by José Olivarez (Haymarket)
American Poets in the 21st Century: Poetics of Social Engagement edited by Claudia Rankine & Michael Dowdy (Wesleyan)
Autobiography of a Wound by Brynne Rebele-Henry (University of Pittsburgh)
Xamissa by Henk Rossouw (Fordham)
Ordinary Beast by Nicole Sealey (Ecco)
Devotion: Essays [Why I Write] by Patti Smith (Yale)
American Journal: Fifty Poems of Our Time edited by Tracy K. Smith (Graywolf)
Esperanza & Hope by Esperanza Snyder (Sheep Meadow)
Sunday Out of Nowhere: New & Selected Poems by Brian Swann (Sheep Meadow)
A Year from Today by Stacy Szymaszek (Nightboat)
Passenger by Tom Thompson (Four Way)
Blood Labors by Daniel Tobin (Four Way)


The Making of a Story by Anthony Barnett (Allardyce, Barnett)
Form from Form
by Christopher Bolin (University of Iowa)
Beast of Joy: Selected Poems by Mariangela Gualtieri, translated by Anthony Molino & Cristina Viti (Xenos Books / Chelsea Editions)
Transaction Histories by Donna Stonecipher (University of Iowa)


Holy Moly Carry Me by Erika Meitner (BOA)
Who Is Trixie the Trasher? and Other Questions by Jane Miller (Copper Canyon)
Evolution by Eileen Myles (Grove)
Selected Poems 1950–2012 by Adrienne Rich, edited by Albert Gelpi, Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi & Brett C. Millier (W. W. Norton)
The Final Voicemails: Poems by Max Ritvo, edited by Louise Glück (Milkweed)
Cruel Fiction by Wendy Trevino (AK Press)
Shallcross by C. D. Wright (Copper Canyon)
That’s What I Thought by Gary Young (Persea)


The Way We Move through Water & Other Poems by Lino Anunciacion (Write Bloody)


Quartet by C. Violet Eaton (Ahsahta)
muted blood by monica teresa ortiz (Black Radish)


The Joyous Science: Selected Poems of Maxim Amelin, translated by Derek Mong & Anne O. Fisher (White Pine)
Cease by Beth Bachmann (University of Pittsburgh)
Rocket Fantastic by Gabrielle Calvocoressi (Persea)
I Can’t Talk about the Trees without the Blood by Tiana Clark (University of Pittsburgh)
When Rap Spoke Straight to God by Erica Dawson (Tin House)
Best American Poetry 2018 edited by Dana Gioia & David Lehman (Scribner)
Testimony of Circumstances by Rodrigo Lira, translated by Thomas Rothe & Rodrigo Olavarría (Cardboard House)
Splitting the Moon: A Collection of Islamic Poetry by Joel Hayward (Kube)
Date & Time by Phil Kaye (Button)
Intertidal: The Collected Earlier Poems, 1968–2008 by Daphne Marlatt (Talonbooks)
Dark Testament & Other Poems by Pauli Murray (Liveright)
Ghost, Like a Place by Iain Haley Pollock (Alice James)
Refuse by Julian Randall (University of Pittsburgh)
Throwing the Crown by Jacob Saenz (Copper Canyon)
Red Channel in the Rupture by Amber Flora Thomas (Red Hen)
Spectra by Ashley Tolliver (Coffee House)
A Cruelty Special to Our Species by Emily Jungmin Yoon (Ecco)


Atrophy by Jackson Burgess (Write Bloody)
The Lachrymose Report by Sierra Nelson (Poetry Northwest Editions)


The Syndicate of Water & Light: A Divine Comedy by Marc Vicenz (Station Hill / Barrytown)


The Public Life of Chemistry by Joel Bettridge (The Cultural Society)
 by Vishal Bhardwaj, translated by Sukrita Paul Kumar (Harper)
The Milk Bowl of Feathers: Essential Surrealist Writings edited by Mary Ann Caws (New Directions)
Clues from the Animal Kingdom by Christopher Kennedy (BOA)
The Book by Stéphane Mallarmé, translated & with an introduction by Sylvia Gorelick (Exact Change)
Encantado: Desert Monologues by Pat Mora (University of Arizona)
Ideas Have No Smell: 3 Belgian Surrealist Booklets by Paul Nougé, Paul Colinet & Louis Scutenaire [Transfigured Publicity / Abstractive Treatise on Obeuse / For Balthazar] edited, translated & facsimilized by M. Kasper (Ugly Duckling Presse)
I Even Regret Night: Holi Songs of Demerara by Lalbihari Sharma, translated by Rajiv Mohabir (Kaya)
Like by A. E. Stallings (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
The Doctor Stories by William Carlos Williams (New Directions)


Architecture of Dispersed Life: Selected Poems by Pablo de Rokha, translated by Urayoán Noel (Shearsman)