New Releases: October 2019


From There to Here: Selected Poems & Translations by Ciaran Carson (Wake Forest)
Because What Else Could I Do by Martha Collins (University of Pittsburgh)
Everything Must Go by Kevin Coval, illustrated by Langston Allston (Haymarket)
Exorcism Lessons in the Heartland by Cara Dees (Barrow Street)
The Problem of the Many by Timothy Donnelly (Wave)
Dancing on Edge: The McRedeye Poems by Art Goodtimes (Lithic)
Mostly Clearing by Michael Gottlieb (Roof)
Indian Summer Recycling by Nathan Hauke (The Magnificent Field / Horse Less Press)
Love & I by Fanny Howe (Graywolf)
On Valencia Street: Poems & Ephemera by Jack Micheline, edited by Tate Swindell (Lithic)
Nervous System by Rosalie Moffett (Ecco)
Operating Systems by Joe Pan (Spork)
The Imaginary Age by Leanna Petronella (Louisiana State University)
Fear of Description by Daniel Poppick (Penguin)
It’s Not Magic by Jon Sands (Beacon)
The Nothing That Is: Essays on Art, Literature & Being by Johanna Skibsrud (Book*hug)
The Book of Daniel by Aaron Smith (University of Pittsburgh)
Near, At by Jennifer Soong (Futurepoem)
Above the Sky Beneath the Earth by Aleš Steger, translated by Brian Henry (White Pine)
Carrying Water to the Field: New & Selected Poems by Joyce Sutphen (University of Nebraska)
Unfolding Sky by Paul Vangelisti , translated into Italian by Giulia Niccolai, with photographs by Gianluca Muratori (Lithic)
Solar Perplexus by Dean Young (Copper Canyon)


My Surly Heart by David Huddle (Louisiana State University)
Far West by Floyd Skloot (Louisiana State University)


Re-Origin of Species by Alessandra Naccarato (Book*hug)


The Anti-Grief by Marianne Boruch (Copper Canyon)
A Curious Peril: H.D.’s Late Modernist Prose by Lara Vetter (University Press of Florida)
Demonstrategy: Poetry, For & Against by H. L. Hix (Etruscan)
Bodega by Su Hwang (Milkweed)
Terminator: Poems, 2008-2018 by Richard Kenney (Knopf)
Animal by Dorothea Lasky (Wave)
Space Struck by Paige Lewis (Sarabande)
Owl of Minerva by Eric Pankey (Milkweed)
Hull by Xandria Phillips (Nightboat)
On the Shores of Welcome Home by Bruce Weigl (BOA)


Vancouver for Beginners by Alex Leslie (Book*hug)


The Chimeras by Gérard de Nerval, translated by Henry Weinfield, illustrated by Douglas Kinsey (Dos Madres)
Have You Seen This Man?: The Castro Poems of Karl Tierney edited by Bryan Borland & Jim Cory (Sibling Rivalry)


A Theory of Birds by Zaina Alsous (University of Arkansas)


Variations on Dawn & Dusk by Dan Beachy-Quick (Omnidawn)
Felon by Reginald Dwayne Betts (W. W. Norton)
Crossfire: A Litany for Survival by Staceyann Chin (Haymarket)
The Flame: Poems, Notebooks, Lyrics, Drawings by Leonard Cohen (Picador)
A Little More Red Sun on the Human: New & Selected Poems by Gillian Conoley (Nightboat)
Revisionist & The Astropastorals by Douglas Crase (Nightboat)
What Saves Us: Poems of Empathy & Outrage in the Age of Trump edited by Martín Espada (Curbstone/Northwestern)
Late Along the Edgelands by Eric Falci (Tuumba)
Harpo Before the Opus by Logan Fry (Omnidawn)
Can I Kick It? by Idris Goodwin (Haymarket)
Life in a Country Album by Nathalie Handal (University of Pittsburgh)
HoodWitch by Faylita Hicks (Acre/Cincinnati)
Awakened Cosmos: The Mind of Classical Chinese Poetry by David Hinton (Shambhala)
My German Dictionary by Katherine Hollander (Waywiser)
A Princess Magic Presto Spell: Parts 1–9 by Lisa Jarnot (Flood)
Civil Bound by Myung Mi Kim (Omnidawn)
Let It Ride by Timothy Liu (Saturnalia)
Railsplitter by Maurice Manning (Copper Canyon)
All That Beauty by Fred Moten (Letter Machine)
Arias by Sharon Olds (Knopf)
Sandhour by Robert Ostrom (Saturnalia)
Selected Poems of Giovanni Pascoli translated by Taije Silverman with Marina Della Putta Johnson (Princeton)
Running to Stand Still by Kimberly Reyes (Omnidawn)
Silences by Martha Ronk (Omnidawn)
The Poetry Remedy: Prescriptions for the Heart, Mind & Soul by William Sieghart (Viking)
If the House by Molly Spencer (University of Wisconsin)
Since Sunday by Brittany Tomaselli (Omnidawn)
La insistencia del dañ0 / Insistence of Harm by Fernando Valverde, translated by Allen Josephs & Laura Juliet Wood (University Press of Florida)


Larvae of the Nearest Stars by Catherine W. Carter (Louisiana State University)


The Grief of a Happy Life by Christopher Howell (University of Washington)


Some Trees by John Ashbery (Yale)
Beginning with O by Olga Broumas (Yale)
Poems by Alan Dugan (Yale)
Robert Duncan: The Collected Early Poems & Plays edited by Peter Quartermain (University of California)
Robert Duncan: The Collected Later Poems & Plays edited by Peter Quartermain (University of California)
Robert Duncan: Collected Essays & Other Prose edited by James Maynard (University of California)
The Collected Poems of Philip Lamantia edited by Garrett Caples (University of California)
Gathering the Tribes by Carolyn Forché (Yale)
Views of Jeopardy by Jack Gilbert (Yale)
Field Guide by Robert Hass (Yale)
Best Canadian Poetry 2019 edited by Rob Taylor with Anita Lahey & Amanda Jernigan (Biblioasis)
Words Are My Matter: Writings on Life & Books by Ursula K. Le Guin (Mariner)
A Mask for Janus W. S. Merwin (Yale)
Firsts: A Century of Yale Younger Poets edited by Carl Phillips (Yale)
The Mind Has Cliffs of Fall: Poetry at the Extremes of Feeling edited by Robert Pinsky (W. W. Norton)
Crush by Richard Siken (Yale)
The Battle between the Frogs & the Mice by A. E. Stallings (Paul Dry Books)
Everything That Rises by Joseph Stroud (Copper Canyon)
Half/Life: New & Selected by Jeffrey Thomas (Alice James)
For My People by Margaret Walker (Yale)


Incarnate: The Collected Dead Man Poems by Marvin Bell (Copper Canyon)
The Pocket Haiku translated by Sam Hamill (Shambhala)
Upstream: Selected Essays by Mary Oliver (Penguin)
Wave Archive by Emmalea Russo (Book*hug)
Galaxy Love by Gerald Stern (W. W. Norton)


The Action by Roger Garfitt (Carcanet)
So Many Rooms by Laura Scott (Carcanet)