In the Language of My Captor by Shane McCrae

$24.95 Wesleyan

In the Language of My Captor by [McCrae, Shane]In the Language of My Captor by Shane McCrae (Wesleyan, 2017): The fifth exquisite collection of autobiographical, historical, and verisimilar narratives from a premier poetic mind. In the Language of My Captor is a suite of poems of freedom, ownership, identity, and fear, interlocked. McCrae is creator and curator, maestro of the subtle coherence of several vantages and revelations, whether they’re those of the eponymous Black captive, of the mixed-race “adopted son” of the President of the Confederacy, or of a young, beleaguered McCrae himself. These voices belong adjacent—these vivid personae restricting one another’s movements in the interest of finer motion entire—disquieted psyches finding themselves in sync.