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Used Books: February 4, 2016

Recently people have brought in some cartons of used books for us to consider buying. There must be a pre-spring cleaning going on. Here’s a list of some we picked up. More should follow. As always, if you have questions about the condition of any of these books we’ll be glad to answer an email or phone… Read more »

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The Darkening Trapeze by Larry Levis

$16 Graywolf

Larry Levis died May 1996, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that a book of his “last poems” should show up now. A very happy surprise, it turns out, because it is a very good book. These poems, written at various points in Levis’s too-short career (he died at age 49), show… Read More

Hypnos by René Char

$21 Seagull Books

A Surrealist poet throughout the ’20s, separated from the movement by the mid-1930s, René Char set aside publishing to join the Resistance in 1940 and command a parachute drop zone in southeastern France. Though refusing to disseminate any writings during wartime, he did write, keeping a notebook of short narrative prose poems and aphoristic meditations… Read More

White Blight by Athena Farrokhzad

$18 Argos Books (70 pages)

Iranian-born Swedish national Athena Farrokhzad movingly tells one family’s immigration story with six voices, distinct not in delivery but in vantage, interpretation, tone, and approach. We get metaphorical language, blunt colloquialisms, warped adages, cultural sayings; and then, most importantly, we get the variable faces of love. Arranged sparingly on the page in white text over… Read More

Neat Little Sampling

Right around the holidays, we had occasion to purchase some very cool pamphlets, chaps, and journals, and one book. All from the ’60s and ’70s. A few really/rather rare. Hope you like what you see. As always, please do call or write with inquiries. And if you’re in, ask to be pointed in the right… Read more »

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The Poet, the Lion, Talking Pictures, El Farolito, a Wedding in St. Roch, the Big Box Store, the Warp in the Mirror, Spring, Midnights, Fire & All by C.D. Wright

$18 Copper Canyon Press

Such a lovely opportunity to keep company with the quietly dazzling C.D. Wright. Her subject in this collection of short essays is most often poetry, approached with her ever-seeking mind, charm, and electric intelligence. She investigates the work and influence of Brenda Hillman, Robert Creeley, John Taggart, Jean Valentine, and other poets, but also, in… Read More

Dark Church by Joseph Donahue

$20 Verge Books (270 pages)

With its strikingly curt table of contents yet impressive physical heft, Dark Church alerts readers they’re in for both the cryptic and the questing—the next installment of Joseph Donahue’s serial “Terra Lucida.” Each of its four sections houses couplets of arcane reference and dreamlike imagery that stream through Kennedy’s assassination and Jesus’s suffering, past temples… Read More

some recent books

Dears, we haven’t had the time to prepare any commentary, much less intelligent commentary, on the large number of new arrivals that have come in over the last few months. Our apologies. But isn’t this website a place where you might learn what the new things are? Okay then, here follow some poets, titles, and prices of… Read more »

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Broadsides and Books from
Grey Spider Press (Stern & Faye)

We are very happy, tickled nearly to tears might be closer to the truth, to be able to offer a variety of books and broadsides designed and printed by the supremely talented duo of Jules Remedios Faye and the late C. Christopher Stern. Separately and together they letterset printed, published, and bound work for decades, most… Read More

The Animal Too Big to Kill by Shane McCrae

$15.95 Persea

Half-Black, raised in Texas by White supremacists, Shane McCrae pries into American constructs of race, family, and class. The rhetorical tropes and deeply personal themes vital to his previous work (Mule; Blood; and last year’s Forgiveness Forgiveness) remain, joined here now by the voice of a supplicant, who is, among other things, “trying to say… Read More