Staff Picks


The Hermit by Lucy Ives

$17.95 The Song Cave

It might be that I am drawn to the subversion of traceable narrative, or to fractured consciousness, or simply to assembled chunks of quirky information and imagery, but The Hermit is my kind of book. Eighty numbered entries comprise a poet’s bedazzled journal—of the gifted primary-school kind—in which the rug is repeatedly whacked in search… Read More

Popular Songs: The Political Poems of 1819–1820 by Percy Bysshe Shelley

$16 Entre Rios

Here it is, coinciding with our riotous election season,  Shelley’s rabble-rousing political poetry. In his time Percy Bysshe Shelley held strong anti-monarchical and anti-war feelings, letting these feelings live in powerful, strident poems. Entre Rios, the young Seattle poetry press, has produced a striking edition, typographically recreating the look of a polemical pamphlet of the time…. Read More

Keith Waldrop’s Selected Poems & Rosmarie Waldrop’s Gap Gardening: Selected Poems

$19.95 Omnidawn & $18.95 New Directions (respectively)

The Waldrops are what some might call a power couple. Co-founders and -editors of 55-year-old experimental press Burning Deck, and prolific poets/translators in their own right, Rosmarie and Keith have long published and written work outside the confines of neat categorization. It’s not any one thing all the time, but it’s never all over the place…. Read More

Recent Signed Books: Claudia Rankine

After her powerful and generous reading and talk closed out the Seattle Arts & Lectures Poetry Series, Claudia Rankine greeted and signed copies of her books for many of the hundreds of people in attendance. We very much appreciate her willingness to sign copies of Citizen: An American Lyric ($20), Don’t Let Me Be Lonely: An American Lyric ($16), Plot ($16), and The End… Read more »

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Some from among the newly arrived

New books have been arriving and we want you to know it. Here, quickly, are some from the recent cartons. Please ask us about books you’re interested in and don’t see  here. And if any of these catch your eye and you’d like a copy, or more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch…. Read more »

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Rare Books: Revalued

As many of you may know, we house some rare finds—signed editions, first editions, limited editions—behind glass doors up near the till. What may be a mystery, though, even to us, is how long some of these books and chaps have been in our possession and how much they’re going for. Because of this, now… Read more »

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ShallCross, a new book of poems
by C.D. Wright

$23 Copper Canyon Press

This collection, ShallCross, was completed before Ms. Wright’s unthinkable death this January. The poems here find her thoroughly in control of her singular craft, her writing ever cogent, inventive, fiercely humane, and unabashedly tender. The sadness in reading this book comes from the inescapable knowledge that there will be no more work like it created…. Read More

Hippodrome by Miklavž Komelj

$17 Zephyr Press

Publishing his first poetry collection at the age of seventeen, Miklavz Komelj has for twenty-five years permeated Slovenian literature, garnering several national awards in the process. His work is of such a caliber that the late poet and fellow Slovene Tomaz Salamun, in “a breathless email” in 2007, suggested to translators Dan Rosenberg and Boris… Read More

Used Books & Broadsides: February 24, 2016

We’ve purchased some more goodies for you to peruse! This lot’s different than most, though, in that we don’t often come by broadsides, especially so many printed so many decades ago (on such groovy paper). And we’re jazzed to have them. Some are more recent but equally neat. We also picked up a few books… Read more »

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Used Books: February 11, 2016

Another small box for y’all. This represents an overflow of last week’s post; some quite rare. Feel free to get in touch about condition or other specifics. We’re glad to oblige! * * * Selected Poems by Yehuda Amichai ($5.50 pb; 1st printing; Penguin, 1971) Sea Lion Caves and other poems by Nelson Bentley ($21.50… Read more »

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