Titles from a Recent Haul of Used Books

Spring cleaning seems to be all the rage, even in summer. Here are some from our recent purchases.

The Baptism and The Toilet by LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka ($3.50 paperback)
Smoke’s Way: Poems from Limited Editions 1968–1981 by William Stafford (2 pb copies: $5.50 & $7.50)
Someday, Maybe by William Stafford ($9.50 hardcover)
Pick Up the House by Anselm Hollo ($7.50 pb)
Riprap & Cold Mountain Poems by Gary Snyder ($28.50 pb, 1st printing, Four Seasons Foundation/East Wind Printers, distributed by City Lights Books, 1965)
Then ghosts drag the piano out into the street by Joshua M. Wilson/Joshua Marie Wilkinson ($6.50 chapbook)
The Lost Twin by Peter Pereira ($8.50 chap)
Mockingbird by Paul Hunter ($5.50 chap)
Heart & Mind: Morning Meditations by Holly J. Hughes ($6.50 chap)
Red Cats by Anselm Hollo ($8.50 pb)
Indiana by Clayton Eshleman ($6.50 pb)
Arguing with Something Plato Said by Jack Collom ($3.50 pb)
Portable Kisses by Tess Gallagher ($6.50 pb)
Rocks on a Platter by Barbara Guest ($24.50 pb, inscribed 1st printing)
The Woman Who Could Read the Minds of Dogs by Leslie Scalapino ($12.50 chap)
Exodus by Laura E. J. Moran ($6.50 chap)
Bird Dog: Issue 8/Summer 2006, featuring Abraham Smith, Elizabeth Treadwell, Joshua Beckman, Sandy Florian, Nico Vassilakis, Tyrone Williams, Tomaz Salamun, and others ($3.50 magazine)
Hymn to the Rebel Cafe by Edward Sanders ($4.50 pb)
The Poetry and Life of Allen Ginsberg: A Narrative Poem by Edward Sanders ($6.50 hc)
The Lay of Eleanor and Irene by Brooks Haxton ($9.50 pb)
The Lost World: New Poems by Randall Jarrell ($8.50 hc)
Maxfield Parrish: Early & New Poems by Eileen Myles ($12.50 pb, signed 1st)
Riding the Earthboy 40 by James Welch ($8.50 pb, 3rd)
Last Words by Antler ($7.50 pb)
Routines by Lawrence Ferlinghetti ($3.50 pb)
American Primitive by Mary Oliver ($5.50 pb, 10th)
Windows by Robert Creeley ($4.50 pb, 2nd printing)
Enoch & Aloe by Nico Vassilakis ($3.50 chap)
Half Promised Land by Thomas Lux ($4.50 pb)
The Avenue Bearing the Initial of Christ into the New World: Poems 1946–1964 by Galway Kinnell ($6.50 pb)
The Enlightened Heart: An Anthology of Sacred Poetry edited by Stephen Mitchell ($5.50 pb)
Minigolf by Anselm Hollo ($7.50 chap)
The Changing Light at Sandover by James Merrill ($15.50 hc, 2nd)
By Lingual Wholes by Victor Hernández Cruz ($4.50 pb)
Dangling in the Tournefortia by Charles Bukowski ($7.50 pb)
Partial Accounts: New and Selected Poems by William Meredith ($8.50 pb)
Never by Jorie Graham ($6.50 pb)
Undertow of Heaven: An Elegy in Eight Parts by Melanie Noel ($13.50, bound, printed, & cased by Stern & Faye along with 33rpm 7″ vinyl recording of author reading on side A & viola [Ollie Glatzer] & guitar [Aiko Shimada] arrangements on side B)
What Silence Equals by Tory Dent ($6.50 pb, inscribed)
Sun Days: Hiking the Appalachian Trail by Robin Schultz ($3.50 pb)
Oedipus Drowned: The First & Last Love Poem by Sharon Doubiago ($4.50 chap, signed)
Blue Mouth by J.W. Marshall ($6.50 chap)
Drop Dead Beautiful by Belle Randall ($5.50 chap)
Stealing Fire by Claudia Mauro ($4.50 pb)
Adam Chooses by Michael Spence ($3.50 pb)