some recent books

Dears, we haven’t had the time to prepare any commentary, much less intelligent commentary, on the large number of new arrivals that have come in over the last few months. Our apologies. But isn’t this website a place where you might learn what the new things are? Okay then, here follow some poets, titles, and prices of a few from among the multitude of recently published books. Our definition of recent allowing us to go back a few months. Let us know if you’d like to learn more about any of these or others. And thanks for getting this far. Read on!

  • Carlos Drummond de Andrade: Multitudinous Heart ($25 pb, $40 hc)
  • Joan Fiset: Namesake ($18 pb)
  • Graham Foust: Time Down to Mind ($15.95 pb)
  • Donald Hall: The Selected Poems of Donald Hall ($22 hc)
  • Joy Harjo: Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings ($26.95 hc)
  • Tony Hoagland: Application for Release from the Dream ($16 pb)
  • Douglas Kearney: Mess and Mess and ($15 pb)
  • Yusef Komunyakaa: The Emperor of Water Clocks ($23 hc)
  • Else Lasker-Schüler: My Blue Piano ($14.95 pb)
  • Nathaniel Mackey: Moment’s Omen ($15 chapbook)
  • Ernst Meister: Of Entirety Say the Sentence ($18 pb)
  • Mary Oliver: Felicity ($24.95 hc)
  • Kay Ryan: Erratic Facts ($24 hc)
  • Tomaz Salamun: Justice ($18.95 hc)
  • Brandon Shimoda: Evening Oracle ($14 pb)
  • Brian Teare: The Empty Form Goes All the Way to Heaven ($18 pb)
  • Dean Young: Shock by Shock ($23 hc)
  • Katharine Whitcomb: The Daughter’s Almanac ($16 pb)